Steel Hard AF Review + Discount Code 2022

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Steel Hard AF Review

Hard AF by Steel Supplements is a different type of pre workout if you will. If you’re over 40, or sometimes even 30, you know your testosterone level goes down. Your libido might be going dow. And generally speaking, it just becomes harder to get hard.

Hard-AF is supposed to be a natural, over-the-counter replacement for erectile dysfunction medications that are extremely expensive and require prescription. The bottle has 20 capsules and the recommended dosage is 2 capsules, so you get 10 servings that you’re supposed to take before “fun time”. The idea is to increase libido and get more blood flowing down there, and just help you keep going for a longer time than you usually can.

In this Steel Hard AF Review, we will talk about everything you need to know from the experience, ingredients, and possible side effects. No more stalling, let’s find out if these pills are the real deal.

Steel Supplements HARD-AF Review

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Steel Supplements HARD-AF Review | Does it Actually Work?

My Experience with Hard AF

These pills are essentially flavorless so there is nothing to look at in that category.

As for the experience, I took 2 pills before the “workout” and I will say in advance that this Hard AF Review is not one of those movies 10-hour-erection sort of pills, at least not according to my experience.

I did, however, feel increased libido which surprised me considering it is a one time thing and not a prolonged use like test-boosters for example.

Now, I didn’t get crazy libido. But just like any other supplement really, when you are aiming to a certain goal (whether it’s a gym workout or a bed workout), it does help with that extra 1 or 2 percent.

Interestingly enough, the next morning I woke up with an increased libido which happened consistently through my use.

Generally speaking though, for an over-the-counter natural supplement you can just easily get, it does serve a purpose.

All in all, Hard AF form Steel is a great bedroom and even pre workout supplement.


  • Increased Libido
  • Libido rolls over to next day
  • Heightened Sex Drive
  • No Prescription Necessary
  • Longer-Lasting Effects


  • Fairly Expensive
    Steel Hard AF Infographic
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What is in Steel Hard AF

As far as the label goes, it’s a proprietary label with a ton of ingredients that almost looks like a prescription drug. But when you actually go into it, most of the ingredients are pretty common, and some are unique.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching the ingredients list and I can tell you a lot of them have been proven to help with sexual drive, stress relief and blood flow to your penis. However, the total amount per Hard-AF serving is 1 gram where as the researches showed benefits when used in much bigger dosages, and with constant use over time.


Key Ingredient Breakdown

Maca Powder

First on the list is maca powder. This is going to be the key ingredient regarding the increase in libido/sexual drive. It is also high in nutrients so you get the best of both worlds.


Next we have byroviron which is an herb that is known for driving up testosterone levels as well as sexual behavior.

Kaempferia parvifloria

Kaempferia parvifloria is yet another ingredient that you probably have never heard of. Studies have shown that it has several health benefits in many different sectors. Such as cognitive function, endurance booster, and cardiovascular health.

KoreanRed Ginseng

Then there is Ginseng which is actually one of the more popular ingredients on the label. Studies have shown that Ginseng could improve erectile dysfunction and increase brain function even more.

Epimedium Brevicornum

Another herb typically used in Chinese culture, Epimedium Brevicornum has been proven to prevent fatigue, sexual dysfunction, etc.

Eurycoma longfolia extract

Lastly, we have another ingredient that helps with erectile dysfunction. Eurycoma longfolia extract is going to bring Steel Hard AF together and complete the sexual performance formula.

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Steel Supplements HARD-AF Review

If you need serious help with getting down to business I would say get one of the prescription drugs. But, if you’re just looking for little boost every once in a while, $4 per fun night is not that much and it does help a bit. So generally speaking, it doesn’t justify the hype around it, but it does give you an extra push.

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