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Chaotic Rage Pre-Workout Review Hello people! TJ with FDN Reviews is here to take you to the next level with the new stim junkie - Mad House Innovations Chaotic Rage pre-workout. This review will cover the ingredients, flavor, and experience of this pre-workout. Lets start with something unusual - the design! Mad House Innovations has gone the extra mile with the design of this pre-workout. It's clear they are targeting the stim junkie market with the look and feel of the product. Where can I buy the Chaotic Rage Pre Workout? Supps Central offers Chaotic Rage for 20% off with code FDN20  Chaotic Rage
Posted March 28, 2023
HIVE Pre-Workout Review We are back in the FDA Proof Bunker to review the reformulated version of the Nemesis Project's HIVE pre-workout. In this review, I will take you through the label of this pre-workout and share with you my personal experience using it. I will also map out where this pre-workout fits in your stim junkie journey. Where can I buy HIVE Pre Workout? Supps Central offers HIVE Pre Workout for 20% off with code FDN20  Hive Pre Workout on YouTube Label Overview The label of the reformulated version of HIVE is much simpler than the first version. It contains 20 servings of 9 grams
Posted February 18, 2023
Nexus Pre Workout Review Nexus Pre Workout is on its second iteration. The second version introduced minor changes to the formula, and still kept the focus of this pre-workout, well, on focus :) The first iteration was one of the best focus nootropic pre workout out there and spoiler alter, this one is just as good! In this review, i'll take you through the label, but more important we'll go over what you should expect from this pre-workout. Where To Buy Nexus Supps Central offers Nexus Pre Workout for 20% OFF with code FDN20. [product_btn id='205208'] Nexus Pre Workout Review on YouTube My Experience I tried the Pink
Posted February 18, 2023
Ferox Amped Pre-Workout Review [ez-toc] Chaos & Pain's FEROX AMPED pre-workout is a stim-junkie's dream come true - on label. With a label packed with 20 servings of 22.7 grams of ingredients, it's no wonder I was scared to try it. But I'm a stim-junkie and I was up for the challenge. Here's my review of Chaos & Pain's FEROX AMPED pre-workout.   A Brief History of Chaos & Pain Chaos and Pain is a supplement brand that produces a variety of products such as pre-workout supplements, fat burners, and protein powders. The brand is known for its distinctive branding and aggressive marketing tactics, which
Posted February 3, 2023
Zeus Pre Workout Review God Status Labz is a new company that very quickly made a name for itself in 2020 with Krak'n and now Zeus Pre Workout. On label, both of these pre workouts look super loaded and are actually reminiscent of Dark Energy Pre Workout. But the real question is, is Zeus as good as the legendary Dark Energy? In this review we are going to be talking about everything you need to know about Zeus Pre Workout. Everything from flavor, label, and more! So without further ado, lets dive right into the review. Where can I buy Zeus
Posted January 1, 2023
MAMBA Pre Workout Review Mamba Pre Workout from the people at KLOUT PWR is one of 2 pre workouts recently launched by this up and coming brand. Mamba is marked as an 'extreme pre workout' by the brand, given its relatively high amounts of stimulants (specifically caffeine). But as you will see from the label breakdown below, there's more to this pre workout than just a bunch of stimulants and a 'pretty face' (yes, the label design is awesome) In this Mamba pre workout review, we will take you through the ingredient panel, but more important will go through the actual experience so you
Posted December 27, 2022
Dark Labs Euphoria Review [ez-toc] TJ from Fitness Deal News here to review Dark Labs EUPHORIA, a single-ingredient supplement with 100 milligrams of DMHA per capsule. In this review, I will take you through the label, experience, and the use cases for this product. I'll also give you my final verdict and tell us you if it fits in your stim junkie journey. A Brief History of Dark Labs Dark Labs is one of the biggest brands in the stim junkie world. They are a Polish brand that the FDA doesn't seem to like very much. They've brought us some of the most popular pre-workouts and fat
Posted December 27, 2022
Apollon Nutrition TimeCop Review [V2 Update] Apollon Nutrition have just released their TimeCop Nootropic Pre Workout. This supplement is the combination of Hooligan Bare Knuckle and Overtime. This obviously means that the ingredient label is going to be extremely long, so get ready. In this TimeCop Review, you will find out everything you need to know. From the experience, ingredients, side effects, and more! Where can I buy TimeCop Pre Workout? You can get TIMECOP V2 at Supps Central & save 20% OFF when you use code FDN20 [product_btn id='196284'] TimeCop Pre Workout Reviews on YouTube [V2] My Experience with Apollon Nutrition TimeCop V2 Flavor-wise, TimeCop is nothing
Posted December 26, 2022
Wrecked Enraged Pre Workout Review Wrecked enraged pre workout Huge Supplements is, believe it or not, only the second pre workout from this up and coming brand. The first pre workout being the super popular Wrecked Pre Workout. Wrecked enraged is positioned as the high stim pre workout of the Huge Supplement line up. As you will see as I take you through the list of ingredients, it definitely caters more to the 'bring me more stims' audience rather than the full spectrum pre workout, Wrecked was supposed to be. In this Wrecked Enraged pre workout review, we will take you through the
Posted December 24, 2022

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