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Quest Hero Bar



Quest is one of the most well known and respected protein bar makers out there, in fact it is probably the most popular and respected on the market. Their bars manage to be high in protein while also tasting nice – something that a lot of their competitors have struggled with in the past.

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The Quest Hero bar promises to be slightly different, providing a high amount of protein while being relatively low calorie. Using a new sweetener called Allulose and a lot of fiber to create a bar that contains only 4g of carbohydrates (net). In this review we will assess whether 1) The claims of being low calorie hold up, and 2) whether this bar meets the very high standards of Quest.

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Quest Hero Bar Label


As you can see, one bar contains 200 calories with 100 of those calories coming from fat (11g). There is 15g of protein which equals 60 calories, and 27g of carbohydrates which is 108 calories. If you are quite good at addition then you’ll realize that these calorie totals add up to a lot more than 200 calories.


We can explain this quite simply though, because 11g of the carbohydrates are fiber you can discount it (as the calories will not be absorbed) leaving only 17g of carbohydrates. Then there is 12g of Allulose which is written down as sugars – but doesn’t contain that amount of calories. So again, you can subtract some more calories leaving you with just 40 calories (16 calories from carbs and 24 calories from Allulose).


The protein comes from a mixture of milk protein isolate and whey protein isolate, and if there is one negative for this bar it would be the low protein amount. Most bars typically contain between 17 and 25g of protein, whereas a Hero bar only contains 15g.




Taste & Mixability: It’s a Quest bar so you KNOW that it tastes amazing, we tried all 3 flavors Chocolate Caramel Pecan flavor (label pictured above), Blueberry Cobbler and Vanilla. They are designed to taste just like candy bars and frankly they don’t. But, they’re different to most protein bars, more crunchy than chewy, and from an aesthetic point of view they look amazing. As far as actual taste, there’s nothing really to write home about. QUEST HERO tastes good but it is nothing special. And if the premise was to replace your snickers bar, well….:)

Effectiveness: As a protein bar these are pretty decent – but we’ve seen better. But as a high protein alternative to candy bars (which the Hero bar is designed to be), these are fantastic.  Great taste, great consistency and a decent hit of protein. Great for anyone on a diet who has a sweet tooth.




The HERO Bar launched at $20 for a box of 10 bars which is just below the traditional QUEST Bar pricing. Obviously, the best way to stay updated on deals & coupons and finding the best price is to sign up for our deal alerts and compare prices on fitness deal news.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Quest Nutrition Quest Hero



The Hero Bar from Quest adds the CANDY Protein Bar to Quest’s huge lineup of protein snacks. In our opinion it is the best attempt so far at this genre of protein bars. We found it a great tasting protein bar which has a lot of fiber and an exciting artificial sweetener (Allulose). It should help keep you full between meals, and of course it is an amazing alternative to regular candy bars. Definitely designed for people who are on a diet but still want a tasty treat every now and again. Worth waiting for when it eventually hits stores.


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