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It’s been a while since a pre-workout review got me this excited. Insane Labs’ Psychotic Saw is not just any pre-workout; it’s a limited edition powerhouse that’s been turning heads. But does it live up to the hype? After three days of testing, I’m here to break down everything you need to know about this high-stimulant formula.

Psychotic SAW Pre Workout

About the Brand

Insane Labs has been a dominant force in the pre-workout market, known for their high-stimulant, cost-effective formulas. From the original Psychotic to Psychotic Gold, they’ve consistently delivered products that pack a serious punch. The introduction of Psychotic Saw, in collaboration with the Saw movie franchise, adds an intriguing twist to their lineup.

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The Formula

At first glance, Psychotic Saw’s formula might raise some eyebrows due to its proprietary blend. With a modest scoop size of 4.2 grams, it’s clear that Insane Labs focused on delivering a concentrated dose of stimulants rather than a fully-loaded, all-in-one pre-workout. The inclusion of multiple caffeine sources and familiar faces like beta-alanine and Yohimbine HCL suggests this pre-workout is all about the energy kick.

Key Highlights:

  • Proprietary Blend: Keeping the tradition, Psychotic Saw’s ingredients are wrapped in a proprietary blend, making it difficult to dissect the exact dosages.
  • Caffeine Trio: It features three types of caffeine for a sustained release of energy.
  • Alpha-Yohimbine: Known for its energy-boosting properties, albeit with a controversial reputation due to its intense effects.

Taste and Texture

The fruit punch flavor I tried was decent – not groundbreaking but certainly not disappointing. It’s smooth and palatable, a necessary feature for something you’ll be drinking regularly. However, as with most pre-workouts, the flavor is secondary to the effects.

My Experience

Psychotic Saw doesn’t just knock on your door; it kicks it down. Within minutes of taking a full scoop, the intense burst of energy is undeniable. This isn’t a gentle nudge but a full-on assault that gets you moving with purpose. And it’s not just a short-lived rush; this energy carries through a good portion of your workout, lasting upwards of two hours.

While Psychotic Saw might not deliver in terms of mood elevation or euphoria, it puts you in a zone. The blend of stimulants ensures you’re laser-focused on the task at hand, making it easier to push through challenging sets and maintain intensity throughout your session.

The inclusion of Alpha-Yohimbine means this pre-workout might not be for everyone. While I didn’t enter “survival mode,” the potent combination of stimulants and Alpha-Yo can be overwhelming for some. It’s intense, but without the negative side effects often associated with high-stimulant formulas.


By ‘Insane Labz’

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Psychotic Saw by Insane Labs is a pre-workout designed for those who live for the energy surge. It’s unapologetically powerful, providing a significant boost to help you conquer your workouts. While it may lack in areas like pump or mood elevation, it more than makes up for it with its primary mission: to get you moving, and keep you moving.

If you’re in search of a cost-effective, high-stimulant pre-workout that delivers a serious energy kick, Psychotic Saw is worth considering. Just be mindful of its intensity and start with a lower dose to assess your tolerance.

For those intrigued by the Saw collaboration or simply looking for a pre-workout that cuts straight to the chase, Psychotic Saw is a formidable contender in the crowded pre-workout market.

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