Myprotein iBCAA Review

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As a member of the Myprotein family of nutrition supplements, you should already know what to expect. But if you need help here it comes Good quality for an amazing value. Back on point, though, does the Myprotein iBCAA live to the promise?

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The Label for Dummies

Myprotein made our life real easy here. The label couldn’t be more simple. This is a 2:1:1 BCAA right? Ok so…the label says “I have in me 5 grams of BCAA in a 2:1:1 ratio & that’s it”. Oh, and some flavoring. So basically what you are getting here is what you asked for. 5g of instantiated BCAA (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine) and that’s it.

The Label’s Bottom Line-  Well, what did you expect? You asked for it & you got it 🙂

Hands On Experience

The iBCAA from Myprotein comes in 6 flavors we tried 3 of them, the Fruit Punch, Watermelon & Blue Raspberry.

Mixability – Myprotein did a great job with this product and it fully lives to its instantiated promise.

Taste – The Watermelon flavor is just great. We could drink this thing all day. But it comes in second. Because the Blue Raspberry flavor is nothing short of amazing – that is if you like cotton candy.


Value for Money & Myprotein iBCAA Deal History

The iBCAA comes in 0.5LB, 1.1LB, 2.2LB (45, 100, 200 servings of 5g). The list price for the 45 servings ranges between $16 to $20 which is a solid good price to start with. BUT, when we hunt a deal on this baby we get 45 servings for less than $9 and the 100 servings for as low as $16. That is an unmatched price per 5g BCAA serving.

Final Verdict: Best Value to Money BCAA on the market

Now is probably a good time to admit that we have been Myprotein iBCAA addicts for over a year now. Specifically, since we discovered the Blue Raspberry flavor, which is probably in the top 3 best-tasting BCAA we’ve had (probably second only to MAN Sports ISO AMINO). Basically, you are getting great tasting BCAA for the price of a kool aid powder. What’s there not to like?! So in a typical Myprotein fashion, this is the best value for money BCAA powder on the market. And If this is your first time running into the brand then do your wallet a favor and check the current hot Myprotein deals on the site.


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