Muscletech Anarchy Pre Workout Review

blog-icon By FDN Posted on January 23, 2016

Muscletech Anarchy Pre Workout Review


MuscleTech is one of the largest supplement brands around with a huge product range. With in mind, the Pre-Workout category has never been one of their stronger points. Anarchy is for sure the most aggressive attempt in the last years to claim a position in this hugely popular category.


The Value Proposition (aka the marketing claim)

MuscleTech’s Anarchy main marketing focus is a unique combination of ingredients that are ‘scientifically dosed’ to provide the energy, pump, and extra strength we all want so bad.


The Label For Dummies

MuscleTech Anarchy’s ingredient list includes the usual Pre-Workout suspects plus a couple of interesting additions. Here’s a quick run down of the ones that matter.

Energy – Caffeine (190mg)

Endurance – Beta Alanine (1.6mg)

Pump – Nitrosigine (0.75g) ; HydroMax (0.5g)

Focus & Mood– Choline Bitartrate (100mg); Rhodiola (50mg), L-Theanine (75mg)

Fat Burning – Yohimbine (20mg);

Other – NA

The Bottom Line – Solid label.  But you’ll want to go 2 scoops to get the most out of the formula but this will put you in for 380mg of Caffeine which is on the high side of things.

Hands On Experience

Taste & Mixability – We tried the Watermelon flavor. Taste for this flavor is actually quite bad. I would recommend going with other flavors. Mixability was good.

Does it Deliver – 2 scoops & 10m into this experience we definitely felt that energy kick from 380mg of caffeine and also some good mood & focus intensity. Surprisingly the Pump effect was nothing extraordinary, but  the energy and alertness did keep us going well into the workout. You know that feeling of ‘I’m going to kill this workout’? Yeah, that one. We actually had one of the best ‘killing it’ feeling in a long time.  Overall a very good experience beats a lot of the other more popular Pre Workouts out there. Good energy, amazing focus & intensity effect, disappoints on the pumps.

Value for Money & Anarchy Deal History

Since launching the price for the 30s Anarchy has hovered around the $34 mark (high end) over the few months since launch the price went down and now is closer to $21.  In addition, in reality, there’s an Anarchy BOGO out there at any given time which brings the price for the 30s to the $13 on average which is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum.


MuscleTech Anarchy Review Verdict 

I love it. Well, beyond the Watermelon flavor which was terrible. Anarchy delivers the type of energy and focuses you started taking Pre Workouts for in the first place. 


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