Dark Energy Pre Workout Review (WHAT HAPPENED?!)

blog-icon By FDN Posted on March 10, 2022

Dark Energy Pre Workout Review

Little spoiler alert, Dark Energy Pre Workout made the list of my best DMAA pre-workouts.

Unfortunately a couple months ago, Dark Energy was discontinued. Reportedly, the warehouses were raided or something of the sort. No need to worry, later in this review a great alternative is mentioned!

Now to the review. If you never heard of Magnitude Life Sciences, well, neither did I until I ran into their Dark Energy Pre Workout (sometimes know as Dark Matter Pre-Workout). If you want to get attention in the world of pre workouts, then you can go and do what these guys did. Put both DMAA and DMHA on the label and see what happens!

In this comprehensive Dark Energy Pre Workout review we will go through the label, flavor, but more importantly than that, I will share with you my personal experience and what you should expect!

Dark Energy Pre Workout

Where to buy Dark Energy

Closest thing to Dark Energy right now is Crack Pre Workout.

Dark Labs Crack is a great DM*A option that is arguably even better than Dark Energy!

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Dark Energy Pre Workout Review on YouTube

CRAZE, is that You?? | Dark Energy Pre Workout Review [DMAA+DMHA]

My Experience with Dark Energy Pre Workout


I tried the Bombsicle flavor and it is okay. But this is a stim junkie pre-workout, so you should not really care! There are a couple other new flavors now in 2020 like Rocket and Blast that people seem to enjoy.

Experience at the Gym

Well people, let me tell you something, this pre workout feels amazing. Great, clean, productive energy and laser focus. But more than anything else, the mood elevation and feeling of wellness is the strongest I had since the JACK3D or APS Mesomorph. Or better yet, dare I say CRAZE!?

You can expect this feeling to last for about 2-3 hours, well into your workout session. I have not had any side effects or other issues with Dark Energy to date.

It is important to note that Dark Energy takes about 20 minutes to kick in. So at first if you are sitting there thinking that nothing is happening, just wait. Once it kicks in, there is a surge of relentless focus and great energy.

Although, the best thing that came from my experience of working out with Dark Energy was indeed the mood elevation. You are just happy while lifting.

Even after the gym, the mood elevation effect that Dark Energy gives you still carried over. The focus was there as well. So if you need to get something done, Dark Energy can definitely help. Overall, it is just clean, focused, HAPPY workouts!


  • Clean, Long-lasting Energy
  • Tunnel Vision Focus
  • Unrivaled Euphoria
  • Best Mood Elevation Pre Workout


  • Flavor is decent at best (At least the one I tried)
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What is in Dark Energy Pre Workout?

Dark Energy over time has evolved into one of the more controversial pre workouts on the market today. Not in terms of experience, but in terms of the label. Containing DMAA, which is now banned, Dark Energy has become extremely sought after. Without further ado, let’s talk about the ingredients in Dark Energy Pre Workout.

Dark Energy Ingredient Label

Let’s drill down into the label to see what you can expect from the Magnitude Life Sciences Dark Energy Pre-workout. BUT remember, labels are just labels, the experience is what matters.

Dark Energy Pre Workout Ingredients

DMAA (60 mg)

DMAA is the infamous stimulant that in most cases, is going to instill a crazy drive in you throughout your workout. At 60 mg, I would say Magnitude Life Sciences put the right amount. Nowadays we see pre workouts that have 120 mg of DMAA like the new Crack Pre Workout.

DMHA (200 mg)

Then you have DMHA which is the lesser known friend of DMAA. With similar effects, DMHA is mainly there for energy boosts and overall intensity of the pre workout.

GABA (50 mg)

GABA is one you do not see every day. I believe GABA is the ingredient in Dark Energy that gives you that mood elevation. It is known to make you more relaxed, but in this case, it gives you a ‘happy’ feeling.

DMAE (750 mg)

Moreover there is 750 mg of DMAE in this loaded ingredient label. DMAE gives you beneficial cognitive effects. That laser focus that we all want in the gym. 750 mg is definitely respectable and is the same amount as Assassin V6.

L-Taurine (2 g)

Next there is Taurine, which I do not feel too much in this DMAA pre workout. Maybe a slight energy boost, but nonetheless not what we are interested in.

Citrulline Malate (6 g)

At 6 grams, Citrulline Malate is there for the pumps, but it is by no means something fancy. L-Taurine, that I jut mentioned, works simultaneously with the Citrulline Malate to give you sold muscularity.

Beta Alanine (3.2 g)

Beta Alanine is going to provide those tingles that we like so much in a pre workout. Dark Energy does a great job with that. A feeling throughout your body that just gets you going. 3.2 grams is the typical dosage, but paired with the other stims, this pre workout works like a charm.

Caffeine Anhydrous (400 mg)

We all know it. This is going to give you that energy during your gym session. 400 mg of caffeine is slightly more than we typically see in a pre workout. But there are other hardcore pre workouts out there that go up to 600 mg.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dark Energy Pre Workout Illegal?

Dark Energy, on label, has DMAA which was banned by the FDA a while ago. So technically the pre workout has banned ingredients but itself is not illegal. There are many new pre workouts like Crack and Herolean that openly claim they have DMAA.

Does Dark Energy still have DMAA?

The ingredient label of Dark Energy Pre Workout still says it has DMAA so we can only assume that it still the banned ingredient. I personally didn’t notice any difference between the older Dark Energy and the newer batches.

Is Dark Energy Pre Workout Safe?

Dark Energy Pre Workout is a hardcore pre workout that only experienced users should take. But like any supplement, there is always a chance you will experience some side effects.

Final Verdict

If it was not clear until now, Dark Energy pre workout is one of the best pre-workouts I have tried in quite some time. There is just no way you will not enjoy the experience here. One thing you should keep in mind is to not overuse it! Now, why are you still here?! I suggest you go and get yourself a tub while it is still available.

Update: As I mentioned before. It seems like Dark Energy is gone. It may very well never come back but we will keep you up to date.

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