Cellucor C4 ULTIMATE Pre Workout Review

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A new member is joining the C4 family today. The C4 Ultimate. We assumed Cellucor is going to attack the ‘designer Pre Workout’ Market and oh my did they! And now the new C4 Ultimate is joining the 5 other ‘C4s’ already released (read our review on Cellucor C4 Pre Workout).


The C4 Ultimate is Cellucor’s foray into the fully dosed Pre Workout. And it is long overdue! As the market share leader in the Pre Workout space, Cellucor just had to put a product out there that can stand proud vs the plethora of fully dosed PWOs that have been introduced in the last 18 months (Read our best hardcore Pre Workout Supplement for 2017).

COMPARE PRICES FOR Cellucor C4 Ultimate




Cellucor C4 ULTIMATE Pre Workout Label

One thing Cellucor didn’t change is how it discloses its labels. A long list of full disclosure ingredients with a proprietary ‘energy blend’.

Let’s take a quick tour through the label and see what Cellucor is bringing to the table here.

Pump & N.O: BOOM! A solid 6g of Citrulline Malate, 1.5g of Creatine Nitrate, 60mg of Niacin, 1g of Arginine, 1g of Taurine and..1.5 of Nitrosigine. OMG!

Endurance: Another Boom! 3.2g of Carnosyn Beta Alanine, plus the 1.5g Creatine Nitrate (pump & endurance).

Energy & Focus Blend: 858mg total and a loooong list of ingredients. Though we can’t attest to the dosages of most, the list is extremely impressive. Starting with 300mg of Caffeine and what seems to be 300mg of N-Acetyl Tyrosine (1:10 more absorbent compared to just Tyrosine). And TeaCrine theacrine, AlphaSize alpha GPC, Zembrin sceletium tortuosum, rauwolfia, and huperzine A.

Wow, that looks promising! Cellucor definitely stepped the game here!



As you would expect from Cellucor the taste & mixability are right on point. No surprises here. But let us get to the important part. How did it perform in the gym?? Well, great news here boys! The C4 Ultimate definitely lives to its promise. It delivered on the pumps, the endurance and kicked a** on energy and focus. What we noticed is that we an hour and 10 minutes into it, the effect not only didn’t slow down it was better than 20 min into it! Cellucor has for sure got it right on the Ultimate!



The new c4 ultimate is currently only offered in GNC stores in 2 versions – 20 serv and 40 servings (ala PRE JYM & PRE-KAGED). The one we got (20 servings) was $39.99 which is on par with similarly dosed ‘designer’ Pre Workouts. This is really where the new C4 Ultimate is as far as direct competitors. When it comes to value for money, the math is not a straightforward – cost per serving – comparison vs a run of the mill pre workout. You need to look at what you are getting at each serving and with the C4 Ultimate you are getting a lot! Since the product launch we haven’t seen a lot of stores carrying the product so, blowout deals are scarce. BUT, as always, just make sure you sign up to the Fitness Deal News deal alerts or just compare prices with our price comparison engine before you shop!

COMPARE PRICES FOR Cellucor C4 Ultimate


Not only the C4 Ultimate lives out to the promise of its label and lineage. We will be updating our top Pre Workout list with the new C4 Ultimate, as it definitely deserves recognition. This is great news for the Pre Workout market! A big brand with massive distribution is joining the ‘fully dosed’ PWO game which will put a lot of pressure on the niche players to innovate even more.


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