Blackstone Labs - Dust Extreme new DMHA Formula Review

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Blackstone Labs- Dust Extreme new DMHA Formula



Blackstone Labs came up with a new formula for its Dust Extreme mostly due to the implications of the FDA ban on the use of DMAA in pre-workout products, claiming it’s dangerous to consume. The original DUST Extreme, was one of the few DMAA based pre-workouts in the market. Now it’s our turn to check out how the change in the formula affected the Dust Extreme’s effectiveness.




With 25 servings of 10.5g each, both numbers are pretty much average both for the amounts of servings in a tub and the scoop size. With that said, numbers are just one aspect, it’s really what’s in them that makes a solid high-stim pre-workout.


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The Label’s Bottom Line-  We think it’s pretty obvious what Blackstone Labs looked to achieve with the new Dust Extreme. The huge amount of focus and mood boosters in the mix and with the addition of a the caffeine, makes it a very high-stim focus boosting centered pre-workout and honestly we couldn’t wait to see how all these mental focus boosters will feel like in the gym!




Best Flavors & Mixability – This is the weak point of this product. It comes in two flavors- Pineapple Mango and Sour Gummy bear. Both are not that good but out of the two the Pineapple Mango is the better one.


Effectiveness – Maybe the taste is not the best, but the results are nothing but amazing. Laser focus, great pumps and zero jitteriness, just what you would expect from such a product.




the average retail price for 25 servings is $39.99, which is just a little above the average for a fully dosed pre-workout (APS mesomorph, Redcon1 Total War etc). Being a new product, there aren’t many deals going around, but as always, be sure to check out our deals page, as we continue to hunt down the best deals on DUST Extreme from around the web.




Blackstone Labs delivered on the promise with the DUST Extreme. This Pre-Workout has everything and then some. If you are a fun of mental focus and tunnel vision ingredients, then the DUST Extreme is one of the best, if not the best products we’ve seen on that department. The combination with an effective N.O & Pump formula and the caffeine makes one heck of a pre-workout.


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