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AllMax Impact Igniter – The Review


Yes, AllMax wants to play in the big league pre-workout game! Following several launches of ‘fully dosed’ pre-workouts from the likes of ‘old school’ supplement brands like Dymatize, Musclepharm, iSatori, GAT among others, AllMax is introducing its own weapon in the lucrative pre-workout game.  This is not an easy battlefield, with mainstream players like AllMax basically refraining from using more ‘exotic’ ingredients (ala, DMHA, Eria Jarenesis, PEA etc). But AllMax, as you’ll soon see in our analysis of the label, has definitely upped its game and is trying to bring in some innovation.  



What’s In It and Why?

The product has, certainly, set a high bar for itself but…talk is cheap. And AllMax has brought in one of the more loaded ingredients panels we have seen. For the purpose of our analysis, we reviewed the full scoop option on the label. Will the ingredients be able to back up the hype that has been created? Let’s dive into the formula to find out:

Pumps & N.O

What is a good workout without pumped up muscles, eh? Here’s what Impact Igniter brings to help in this area

Citrulline Malate – 6g

Citrulline Malate became an essential ingredient for pre-workout supplements owing to its ability to activate a boost in the levels of nitric oxide. The 6g dosage in Impact Igniter (2:1 ratio) should do the job.

Agmapure – 1g – agmatine sulfate boosts Nitric Oxide production and, at the same time, plays a role in improving the functionality of the brain. But even more than by itself, it has been shown to extend the effectiveness of citrulline which makes them a perfect pair.

Muscle Endurance & Recovery

According to the great Arnold Schwarzenegger (bows down in respect!), it is the reps you put in after pain kicks in that will make all of the difference in what you achieve with your workout. But that is easier said than done, right? IMPACT Igniter has, thankfully, taken a heed to this predicament of ours:

Beta Alanine – 3.2g

The primary purpose of beta-alanine is to boost the endurance of your muscles and help you put in that final set even when all of your systems are failing. However, be advised that such a high dosage of this ingredient might flutter the ones who are not used to it. For those who can take it on the chin, however, the dosage is adequate to aid them in completing their planned workouts, down to the final rep!


Taurine is an amino acid that has been known to bestow water-based pumps upon your muscles. It is also helpful in muscle recovery, owing to the fact that taurine has been known to effectively reduce muscle soreness. A 1g dosage of taurine, as offered by IMPACT, will not be enough to give you a taste of all that taurine has got to offer for your workouts.


Impact contains 500mg of N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. This dosage of NAC, when combined with the dosage of taurine, can serve to flood your muscles with blood, oxygen, and nutrients during intense workouts. The primary reason for adding NAC into the mix is to increase the pre-workout amount of erythropoietin in your body. Erythropoietin, as you may well know, enhances the production of Red Blood Cells in our bodies which, in turn, increases the level of hemoglobin up to 9%. This results into a faster recovery of the muscles so that you are left, in the end, yearning for more!

Fat Reduction

An interesting twist on the traditional pre-workout approach. AllMax is taking an unexpected turn here with a fat reduction formula.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

The basic purpose of LCLT is to convert fat into usable energy, so that you may not only see a notable reduction in your body fat but also notice a surge in your energy levels. The other, minor effects of LCLT include muscle building, recovery and testosterone production. Sounds great right? Impact Igniter , however, contains 1g of LCLT per serving which is below the clinically set requirements. What this means is that consumers will not be able to feel the full magic of LCLT with a singular dosage of IMPACT, which is a bummer!

Energy & Focus

Caffeine – 400mg

Yeah, this is a super high dosage of caffeine. AllMax made sure to mix different types of caffeine which should help with prolonging the effect and preventing the crash.

Synephrine, Higenamine, and Hordenine

IMPACT contains 220mg of a group of stimulants: Synephrine, Higenamine, and Hordenine—the basic purpose of which is to aid in the way the body fat breaks down and releases energy. Synephrine at the right dosage is a powerful thermogenic and energizer and the combination with 400mg should be hard hitting.


You know what you should be thinking about when you are working out? You should be thinking, only, about the workout and not about Sally, and whether she’ll notice you and your biceps at work the next day. Here’s what IMPACT Igniter has done to make this possible:

Lion’s Mane

300mg of Lion’s Mane, another unique addition. Lion’s Mane is an extract that serves to keep your attention span razor sharp owing to the ingredient’s ability to increase the nerve growth factor (NGF). When you combine the effectiveness of Lion’s Mane with the effects of Alpha-GPC and caffeine, you can be sure that you will be always in “your” zone at the gym.

Alpha-GPC – 150mg

With  Our brains have a need for a steady supply of choline which is hindered, at times, by the blood-brain-barrier (BBB). This dosage of Alpha-GPC helps in delivering the choline across the BBB so that it may be used as a raw material for acetyl-choline by our brains. Alpha-GPC is useful, also, in the conversion of fat into energy.

The Verdict

You know what? This is one heck of an impressive label. The sheer number of ingredients and the dosages of most of them should grab any stim junkie’s attention. AllMax seems to have covered all the bases with Impact Igniter, bringing in an interesting mix of ‘ordinary’ and uniqueness. 



Best Price & Availability 

AllMax Impact Igniter sells for $39.99 for 20 servings (2 scoops). Yeah, this is a loaded pre-workout, but even with that this still sits at the higher end of the spectrum. Obviously, this is where you should always compare prices on the Fitness Deal News Price comparison engine to make sure you get the best price.





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