Zeus Pre Workout Review + Best Deal 2023

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Zeus Pre Workout Review

God Status Labz is a new company that very quickly made a name for itself in 2020 with Krak’n and now Zeus Pre Workout. On label, both of these pre workouts look super loaded and are actually reminiscent of Dark Energy Pre Workout. But the real question is, is Zeus as good as the legendary Dark Energy? In this review we are going to be talking about everything you need to know about Zeus Pre Workout. Everything from flavor, label, and more! So without further ado, lets dive right into the review.

Where can I buy Zeus Pre Workout?

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Zeus Pre Workout YouTube Review

Dark Energy Legalized? | God Status Labz ZEUS Pre Workout Review

My Experience with Zeus

I started off with 1 scoop of Zeus and it took about 10 minutes to kick in. Which is very different from Dark Energy, which usually can take up to 30 minutes until you fully feel the effects of the pre workout. What was surprising with Zeus, was that it then hit even harder 45 minutes into the workout. So randomly, you feel of surge of energy and focus come on you that works like a charm. The experience you get after that second wave is honestly one of the best and cleanest experiences I have ever had with a pre workout.

Despite having Citrulline Malate as the only pump ingredient in Zeus, I actually got some really solid pumps. You could feel your muscularity intensify as times goes on. This is something that was somewhat lacking in its DMAA counterpart. I believe the Hordenine in Zeus helped a lot with the balance of the pre workout.

Over time, I have seen two pre workouts with very similar ingredient labels, like Zeus and Dark Energy, and the only difference is a dosage of Hordenine. Which you would not think would do too much, but that one ingredient actually does wonders. Regarding the flavor, I tried Olympus Orange and it is a great flavor. So you don’t have to deal with any bad taste in your mouth after taking Zeus Pre Workout.

God Status Labz did a great job with Zeus. Could it be because it is so similar to Dark Energy? It is very possible. But there are several major differences between the two pre workouts. Dark Energy has DMAA while Zeus does not. And Zeus has hordenine, and Dark Energy does not. At that point, it is really all about how the ingredients work together. A lot of companies in the past have just thrown in a bunch of strong ingredients and prayed that it worked.

If you want a stimulant-packed pre workout that actually works, Zeus is the way to go.


  • Hard-Hitting
  • Solid Focus
  • Huge Energy Boost
  • Mood Elevation & Euphoria (After the Gym)
  • Good Flavors


  • Not for beginners

COMPARE PRICES FOR ZEUS Pre Workout 20% OFF aka ‘Legal Dark Energy’

What is in Zeus Pre Workout?

Zeus is absolutely stacked on stimulants like DMAE, Eria Jarensis, and DMHA. So Stim Junkies better be listening, because Zeus may very well be your next favorite pre workout.

Zeus Ingredient Label

Zeus pre workout nutrition facts

DMAE (750 mg)

One of the many cognitive or euphoric ingredients in Zeus, DMAE helps you get dialed in throughout the workout as well as provide a bit of mood elevation and energy.

Eria Jarensis (250 mg)

Next we have Eria Jarensis, which like GABA, is going to improve your neural experience when using Zeus. In reality this is another super strong stimulant, and at 250 mg, you will definitely feel it.

Synephrine HCL (80mg)

It has been suggested that synephrine may have a number of potential health benefits, including increasing energy expenditure, increasing fat loss, and possibly improving athletic performance

DMHA (200 mg)

The legal version of DMAA, DMHA has very similar effects like a boost in energy and an overall enhancement in performance at the gym.

Caffeine Anhydrous (400 mg)

Caffeine at 400 mg is definitely on the higher end, but in Zeus Pre Workout works well with all the other ingredients. With all of these stimulants, it’s safe to say you are going to be climbing up walls after taking Zeus.

Beta Alanine (3.2 g)

Next we have Beta Alanine which is going to give you tingles throughout your workout. Just generally going to up the intensity and focus of your session. 3200 mg is a very typical dose that you can count on to hit hard.

L-Taurine (2 g)

Not really a key ingredient, L-Taurine can have a slight fat-burning effect but that is really all it is good for.

Citrulline Malate (6 g)

Citrulline Malate is in Zeus for pumps. From my experience, the pumps are really solid. We all love the feeling of swoleness, and Zeus Pre Workout gives you that.

COMPARE PRICES FOR ZEUS Pre Workout 20% OFF aka ‘Legal Dark Energy’

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