Wrecked Enraged Pre Workout Review + Discount Code

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Wrecked Enraged Pre Workout Review

Wrecked enraged pre workout Huge Supplements is, believe it or not, only the second pre workout from this up and coming brand. The first pre workout being the super popular Wrecked Pre Workout.

Wrecked enraged is positioned as the high stim pre workout of the Huge Supplement line up. As you will see as I take you through the list of ingredients, it definitely caters more to the ‘bring me more stims’ audience rather than the full spectrum pre workout, Wrecked was supposed to be.

In this Wrecked Enraged pre workout review, we will take you through the ingredient panel, but more important will go through the actual experience so you will have a good perspective on what to expect.

wrecked enraged pre workout

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My Experience

Starting with the flavor, nothing to report here 🙂 you know I am not a big flavor man, and as long as the flavor is not offensive I do not really pay a lot of attention to it. In this case both flavors of Wrecked Enraged I tried were solid.

As far as the actual performance experience. Wrecked Enraged comes in with a quick boost in energy and alertness. Within 10-15 minutes, the beta alanine kicks in and provides that blessed tingling which puts you in a zone and gives that  sense of focus and motivation.

Right on the hills of the tingling comes a good kick of energy which while is not ‘euphoric’ it provides a solid sense of ‘get sh*t done’ without any negative side effects. I will say that the energy kick feels stronger than the Wrecked pre workout and lasts for a longer time.

Different from the original WRECKED, there are no pump formula to write about which reflects itself in the experience.


  • Smooth, motivational energy
  • Long lasting
  • Solid flavors


  • No pump formula
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What is in Wrecked Enraged Pre Workout?

Wrecked enraged is clearly focused on the stimulant side of things without too much attention to anything else.

Key Ingredients Breakdown

N-Phenethyl dimethylamine (350mg)

Popular Nootropic and Mild Stimulant. More effective than traditional PEA (Phenylethylamine HCL).  May Support Focus and Energy. Often used as Mood and Well-Being Enhancer.

Caffeine Matrix (4o0mg)

First on the ingredient list is caffeine anhydrous at 300mg. Caffeine is going to provide a boost in energy.

There is also 100mg of Di Caffeine Malate which provides the long lasting energy (Extended Release Caffeine). All together you have 375mg of caffeine here, which though not crazy, will definitely get you going.

Beta Alanine (4g)

4g Beta Alanine to buffer lactic acid, reducing muscle fatigue & increase overall endurance. It also gives you the tingling feeling throughout your body. 4G is more than what we are used to see (3.2g)

Alpha GPC (100mg)

This is one my favorite forms of Choline, which helps with focus and this amount here is way over the usual 600mg.

Halostachine (50mg)

Since it bears a structural resemblance to ephedrine it may help with burning fat and since it is a metabolite of PEA, it may provide similar fast-acting energy and “feel-good” effects

Huperzine (35mg)

Unique benefits for the brain and is often taken to aid memory and cognition

Isopropylnorsynephrine (50mg)

Used for weight loss, to increase energy, improve athletic performance

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wrecked Enraged compare to Wrecked pre workout?

Enraged hits harder from an energy point of view, while wrecked delivers more pumps.

Is it safe to take Wrecked Enraged Pre Workout?

As long as you are somewhat used to taking pre workout supplements, you should be fine. But in anycase you should consult with your Dr.

How much caffeine is in Wrecked Enraged Pre Workout

Enraged comes in strong with a total of about 400mg of caffeine from 3 different sources.


Huge supplements delivered a solid pre workout for the brand’s funs who are looking for more kick in their pre workout and care less about the pump experience.

Wrecked enraged delivers a solid alternative with long lasting energy and solid focus!

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