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blog-icon By FDN Posted on June 4, 2023

SoCal Wild Fire Pre Workout

Welcome to our site! Where reviews are done in the world’s only FDA proof bunker! And today we will review the much talked about Wild Fire DMAA pre-workout. This pre-workout has been getting a lot of buzz in the stim junkie community, with some claiming it is as good as the legendary Dark Energy pre-workout which was discontinued 2 years ago!

Well, I am here to take you through the label and the experience and give you my final verdict.

wilf fire pre workout

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This is BLASPHEMY 🙆 WILD FIRE DMAA Pre-Workout Review [SoCal]

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The Label & The Promise

I actually like the way this label is laid out. You can clearly see that the people at SoCal are not clueless on what’s suppose to go into a strong pre workout! Also, yes, you are reading this correctly – Wild Fire has 30 servings!!

The claim to fame of this pre-workout is the combination of DMHA and DMAA. It is very hard to get DMAA in the US, and the only reason Dark Labs is able to is because they are importing it from Poland.

Here are the highlights of the panel:

  • L-Citrulline  at 6 grams for pumps
  • Beta Alanine for tingling and lactic acid buffering at 3 grams
  • Agmatine for muscle pumps  at 1 gram
  • Taurine for overall power at 500 milligrams
  • DMAE for focus at 500 milligrams
  • Caffeine Anhydrous for energy at 350 milligrams
  • L-Theanine for focus & anti crash at 350mg
  • DMHA for mood elevation & energy at 200mg
  • DMAA for mood elevation & energy at 100mg
  • Alpha GPC  for focus at 200mg


I tried the Skittles flavor, and it was solid. If you’ve seen one of my reviews, you know, I do not care a lot about how great the flavor is, in these stim junkie pre-workouts. We focus on the experience.

Stim Junkie Approved!
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The experience of Wild Fire is that of a stim junkie pre-workout. You get the tingling, energy kick, and extra head buzz from the DM*A. This is a very good pre-workout with a lot of mood elevation. It has a Kilo Labs HYBRID feel as far as ‘happiness’ but with more power and energy. The energy is hard hitting but not too much. You are not in survival mode, and it lasts for 2-3 hours, which is unusual.

Pumps are actually solid and there is no Alpha-Yohimbine, so if you are looking for a stim junkie pre-workout without AY, this is one of the better ones out there.

Stim Junkie Approved!
Wild Fire Pre Workout Coupon

By SoCal Supplements

Discount code:

FDN20 = 20% off at Supps Central

Get it on Supps Central

Final Verdict

Wild Fire pre-workout is a very good stim junkie pre-workout with tons of mood elevation and energy that will take you through the day! It is not Dark Energy which was the king of HAPPY but this is a top-notch euphoric pre-workout with a strong energy kick and no crash. You will not be disappointed!

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