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VMI Sports, a relative newcomer to the supplement world,  Introduced their version for a high stimulant pre-workout in the launch of ‘Krush It’. We are used to bombastic declarations when it comes to Pre Workout (skin tearing pumps anyone?) but we have to give VMI props for innovating in this field. In case you didn’t know, Krush It is “The Answer” & “The Solution”. OK, let’s see what the answer really is…



VMI Krush It Label

Sadly, Krush It is another one of those undisclosed blend pre-workouts, as the actual dosage of most of the ingredients is mixed into a ‘blend’. Basically what we are able to see the label is what ingredients the blends consist of and the dosage of the blend itself. We can make some estimations on dosages, but that’s it.
Super Human “Krush It” Pump Blend 3.25g –  (yeah, superhuman…) – Beta-Alanine, L-Taurine & Theobromine, this “Pump Blend” is kind of weird. Beta-Alanine is a known ingredient to boost strength and endurance and not pump. The other two are pump inducers with Theobromine being the innovative ingredient here, and if it is in clinical dosages then it could get you swole.
Focal Kinetic Krush It Matrix 1.0215g –  We’ve been told this blend has 400mg of caffeine in it. So you are more than ok here. The rest of the ingredients read like a nootropic paradise. The two interesting ingredients here are Pikatropin and Rauwolfia which are 2 of the strongest mood & focus enhancers that are available in the market. Clearly, enough ingredients in this blend to boost energy, metabolism, mental focus, and power.
The Label’s Bottom Line-  Someone should make proprietary blends illegal! Seriously, it is so hard to judge. Anyway, we can still safely say – the energy/focus/thermo blend looks promising. The pump/strength blend – not so much. In any case, we’ll have to rely on our hands on experience with Krush It to know if VMI did a good job with it.



Taste & Mixability – The overall taste is fine, but it might be a bit too sweet for some people. Plus, there’s the issue of the carbonation. Because it has Bicarbonate, the drink always turns into a fizz type drink, we liked it, but some people might find not appealing.
Effectiveness –  The label doesn’t lie…Krush It has mixed effects. On one hand, the boost in focus and energy is great and you can really feel it. One thing we did like is that the energy and focus did seem to last more than average and it was consistent. On the other hand, as we expected the pump is not really there.



Krush It is priced right around $29-$30 per 30 serving tub. And a single scoop should do it for you. So, at a dollar per serving (retail) it is right where it should be. As far of deal history, we did hunt down a few BOGO 50% and at least one BOGO Free at $35 ($17 per tub). For a number of stimulants in this baby, if you see it on a deal on the site, you should give it a shot.



We are all about nootropics and energy. And we would give away pump for focus, mood & energy in a heartbeat. And this is exactly the compromise you’ll need to do with Krush It. VMI definitely crushed it on that department.


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