Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Review

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Universal Nutrition Animal Pak



Animal Pak is designed to be the most effective and all encompassing multi-vitamin on the planet. The product has been around for decades and still contains the exact same formula, because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The only change that has been made is that instead of coming in the form of pills, Animal pak now comes in powder form. A great way to save time as 22 pills per day is a lot to swallow.

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Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Label

As you can see there are quite a few ingredients contained within each scoop, so much so that reviewing them individually would lead to a 40-page article that nobody is going to read. Instead, we will just take a look at the different complexes. The first one you have is the vitamin and mineral complex, which is pretty standard in supplements: Vitamins A through E plus all the minerals you require.


Then they have an amino acid complex containing BCAAs (Leucine/IsoLeucine/Valine in the typical 2:1:1 ratio), EAAs, and other amino acids such as Glutamine, Alanine, Arginine, and much more. Next, there is the Performance Complex which contains Carnitine, Choline, and Ginseng (among others). An Antioxidant Complex and an Enzyme Complex (to help aid absorption) finish off the pak.

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Bottom Line: As there are so many ingredients it is hard to review them all thoroughly, but let’s just say that there are all the ingredients that you need to stay healthy while training at a high intensity, and that they are well dosed. The addition of ingredients to support the liver are a particularly nice touch.




Taste & Mixability – There are two flavors available: Orange and Cherry Berry, with Orange being consistently voted as the better of the two. The mixability is fine, and a massive upgrade on taking 22 pills a day!


Effectiveness – It’s Animal Pak, you know that it’s gonna be excellent! Some people may find that the powder is slightly different to the pills in terms of ingredients but you can always decide which you’d prefer. Both will keep you healthy and energized.




Buying Animal Pak in bulk is the best way to keep costs down, if you buy a 44 pack (22 servings) your average cost is only $1.32 per serving, while a 15 pack (8 servings) is $1.86 per serving. Not a huge difference but it all adds up. Getting a bulk order makes Animal Pak very good value for money – remember it is doing the job of a multivitamin, BCAAs, and EAAs, as well as protecting the liver, and working as an antioxidant. As always, the best way to find the best price on Animal Pak is to compare prices on Fitness Deal News and sign up to the hot deal alerts!

COMPARE PRICES FOR Universal Animal Pak



What you’re looking at here is one of the most well known and respected supplements of all time. The Animal Pak has been around since the 1980s and has finally been made available in powder form. The taste is nice, the supplement is effective, and the price is just right. Save yourself some time and money and get this today.

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