The Truth about Protein Powder Pricing

blog-icon By FDN Posted on May 1, 2014

Protein Powders Work.

Beyond being the most researched supplement its research results are very conclusive. So, no surprise it is the number one selling supplement in the industry. Now with literally hundreds of alternatives available in the market from dozens of vendors how do you really compare prices?

The average Joe, will look at the sticker price and poundage (weight) and will run a simple math. Well, 5lb of protein powder for $34 at Costco is a great price compared to an Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard right? same 5lb but for $53. Easy right? Well, not so fast.

On the surface of things the Costco powder is a whooping $19 cheaper (35%)….well, not so fast. Comparing poundage is, and excuse my language, nothing but stupid. Why you ask? Well, because you are not getting 5lb of protein in any of the alternatives above.  Yeah, I know the product says 5lb of  protein what!

So, in order to help you get things right, here’s a very simple way to understand what you are actually getting and how much are you paying for it. Lets start with the Costco option:

From the label:

– 5lb Powder

– 20 grams of Protein per serving,

– 70 Serving per container.

Simple math will result in: 70×20= 1.4kg = 3.08lb of Protein.

Now, you are sitting there wondering where did the rest of the 2lb go? well, these are what industry calls ‘fillers’ or in other words ‘stuff you don’t need and didn’t ask for’.

Bottom line you are buying 3lb of Protein for $34 or $11.3/lb of protein.

Lets look at the ON gold standard label:

– 5lb powder

– 25 grams of protein per serving

– 77 servings

Simple math will result in: 77×25= 1.95kg = 4.25lb of Protein…

Bottom line you are buying 4.25lb of Protein for $53 or $12.5/lb of protein.

Are You Willing to Pay the Price

This is only the beginning of the story. As we assumed that the quality of the protein is the same (trust me its not). But we will leave that to a later post.

And, YES, you are right! The Costco option is $1 lower per lb of protein. But in order to earn that 1$ you need to eat 1.2 more pounds of cheap fillers that god knows what they are doing to your body.

I don’t know how you fill about eating 1lb of crap for every 2lb of protein, but i hope you are at least trying to think does it worth the $2….




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