Essential Apps for Staying Fit on the Go

blog-icon By FDN Posted on January 13, 2015

Essential Apps for Staying Fit on the Go
Keeping your workout and nutrition regiment is a tough task by definition. But as any travelling gym rat will tell you doing this when travelling is much harder. Trying to keep track of food intake and tracking your workout program while on the go can be a real hassle. With that in mind we have gathered a great set of apps that can help you stay fit & lean while on the go.

We have installed and used almost a 100 relevant apps and our selection criteria was focused on ease of use, functionality and affordability. The review is designed to give you a quick snapshot of what the app is about, why we chose it and where to get it.


Gym Surfing

Gym Surfing app The Promise: Hate paying the usual $15-$20 day pass when all you want to do is get a 90m workout? GymSurfing will help you find a gym near you and pay as low as $5 per workout through the app.

Why we like it: Finding a good gym is a hassle and the day pass rates are usually obnoxious. GymSurfing makes it easy to find a good gym and pay a dramatically, pre negotiated, lower fee per workout rather than pay a monthly fee for one day. With options for day pass, weekly passes and more this app is a real budget saver!

The bottom line: Hotel Tonight for the fitness traveler.

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Get it for iPhone | Get it for Android


Bodyweight Training

bodyweight training appThe Promise: Get an intense Workout without leaving your hotel.

Why we like it: Well, if you can’t find a nearby gym or just want to save on time, this app will guide you through a no gym, no weights workout that was designed by bestselling author Mark Lauren. The app offers over 200 exercises which take advantage of your body and items you can find anywhere.

The bottom line: Be your own gym on the road.

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: $2.99

Get it for iPhoneGet it for Android


Seconds App

seconds appThe Promise: Circuit Training and HIIT on the Go.

Why we like it: This simple to use app will let you keep track of your workout timing and is perfect for HIIT and Circuit training which are both great alternatives for when travelling (body weight circuits or High Intensity interval training). The app comes with a huge variety of pre-built timers and will also easily allow you to create your own custom circuits and timing. In addition we really liked the fact it works in the background.

The bottom line: Best of breed Interval Timer.

Platform: iOS

Price: Free or $2.99

Get it for iPhone


Mammoth Hunters

mammoth hunters appThe Promise: Developed by scientists, the app provides a fully personalized nutrition and workout regimen that integrates body weight functional exercises in high intensity interval sessions.

Why we like it: The workouts are short (7-20m) and intense and require no gym and no equipment. The fact they are constantly changing keeps you and your body guessing. The nutrition program is easy to follow and provides a good variety and flexibility.

The bottom line: It’s like having Shawn T (Insanity) as your personal trainer on the road.

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free to try and then $5.99 per month

Get it for iPhoneGet it for Android



endomondo appThe Promise: a personal trainer in your pocket that helps you set goals and keeps you motivated to achieve them while tracking your progress.

Why we like it: The app supports the widest variety of fitness activities possible (even kayaking). The tracking capabilities are very advanced and app will keep you pushing to your goal (it will even yell at you to keep going). Even better is the social element which with more than 20M users you can easily ‘compete’ against others. It also integrates with tens of tracking devices.

The bottom line: The best motivator on the go app out there.

Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free or $2.5/Month for premium

Get it for iPhoneGet it for Android


Gymprovise – Gym Workout Tracker

gymprovise appThe Promise: Plan & Track your workouts and weight with a full exercise and workout directory.

Why we like it: The app comes with some pre designed workouts but you can add your own workout (which is very intuitive). We like the workout randomizer which helps you keep your workouts interesting. We find the tracking and logging on this app to be one of the more intu.

The bottom line: The easiest way to keep track of your gym adventures.

Platform: Android

Price: $4.99

Get it for Android


Motion Traxx

Motion Traxx app
 The Promise: Cardio Music and Motivation to get you going.

 Why we like it: The app and the accompanied online service is designed to adapt the music to your cardio  workout and provide the right motivation while you are at it. Designed by Equinox Fitness experts, this little app is  the perfect companion for cardio on the road with basically endless workout music and just the right amount of  motivational help and tracking capabilities.

The bottom line: Your workout partner on the road.

Platform: iOS,  Android

Price: Free. Additional Workouts with In-App Purchase.

Get it for iPhoneGet it for Android

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