The Fat Burning Berry You Never Heard Of...

blog-icon By FDN Posted on September 20, 2014

Lingonberries Halt Fat Gain


In a study performed by researchers in Lund University in Sweden, Lingoberries were found to almost completely prevent weight gain in mice. Seriously? Yeah, Seriously!

Check this out:

The researches took 2 groups of mice, and put one group on a high fat diet and the second group on a low fat diet. They then split the 2 groups into 9 mini groups each and fed them with a type of berry (Lingonberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackcurrant and even the ‘super’ berry – Acai).


They run the experiment for 3 months. And the results?

Well, the mice group that consumed high fat diet and Lingoberry didn’t gain almost any weight compared to the low fat group. Moreover their insulin and blood sugar readings were no different than the low fat mice group.

The study concluded that (at least in mice for now), Lingonberries seem to neutralize the effects of high fat diet. And, they do it better than any other berry out there!


Where do you find these berries? Well, sadly its quite hard to find them in the US. You should try your local natural store or you can buy them online here . If you are into gardening you can get seeds online and grow them yourself!

And until you do, you could always get the latest coupons and deals on a good old fat burner…


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