The 4 Strongest Fat Burners on the Market + Coupons

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Strongest Fat Burners 2021

A lot of people want to burn fat without putting in the crazy amount of effort. Or maybe you are looking for something that will give you that extra kick in order to meet those weight loss goals. Either way, you want the best and strongest fat burners available and we got them here.

In this list of the strongest fat burners, we break down the best fat burners for each major category: Appetite Suppression, Energy Boost, Everyday Use, and best overall.

Strongest Fat Burners

  • Strongest Fat Burner for Appetite Suppression: Thermal Spark
  • Strongest Fat Burner for Everyday Use: Chaos
  • Strongest Fat Burner for Energy and Mood Elevation: Herolean
  • Strongest Overall Fat Burner: Vanquish Hardcore

Strongest Appetite-Suppressing Fat Burner

Strongest Fat Burner for Appetite Suppression

Thermal Spark Fat Burner

Thermal Spark Fat Burner is, by far, the best appetite suppressant I have used to date. It is made up of a proprietary blend of ingredients like Kigelia Africana Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, and Hawthorne Extract. Whatever the dosages are in this fat burner, they work.

On top of the great suppression, Thermal Spark also has a great energy aspect. Overall, you can’t go wrong with this strong fat burner.

Who Should Take Thermal Spark

  • If your main issue is a big appetite, Thermal Spark will do the job and more
  • Those looking for a kick of energy while they are working
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Thermal Spark Fat Burner Review | Strongest Fat Burner For 2021!?

Strongest Everyday Use Fat Burner

Strongest Fat Burner for Everyday Use

Chaos Fat Burner

Next, we have a very complete fat burner. Chaos from Apollon Nutrition is loaded with stimulants that come together for a great fat-burning experience. This one does not hit as hard as the other fat burners on this list, but is still extremely solid. It is also the best value-for-money fat burner. Each bottle of Chaos comes with 180 capsules which is 60 servings.

Who Should Take Chaos Fat Burner

  • If you are a casual fat burner user that is looking for something that will work super well but does not hit super hard, Chaos is for you
  • People who want a great value-for-money fat burner that will last 2 months and will not break the bank
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Strongest Energy and Mood Elevation Fat Burner

Strongest Fat Burner for Energy and Mood Elevation

Herolean Fat Burner

Herolean is a dual threat fat burner + pre workout matrix. Unlike the majority of the fat burners on the market nowawdays, Herolean has DMAA and several other hardcore ingredients. This is a very intense experience that has a bit of a euphoric element because of the ingredients such as Eria Jarensis Extract and Raspberry Ketones. I would only recommend this fat burner for experienced users.

Who Should Take Herolean Fat Burner

  • You should only take Herolean if you are an advanced user that is used to taking supplements with ingredients like DMAA and Alpha Yohimbine
  • Athletes that want to take their workout to the next level with a dual fat burner and pre workout supplement
  • People who prefer powder fat burners over pills (assuming you checked off the criteria above)
Strongest DMAA Fat Burner EVER? 💀 Herolean Fat Burner Review [Dark Labs]

Strongest Overall Fat Burner

Strongest Overall Fat Burner

Vanquish Hardcore Fat Burner

Lastly, MuscleForce Vanquish Hardcore, a very hard-hitting fat burner that has several ingredients that you would typically see in a pre workout. Leading to a very energetic and focus-centered fat burner. I usually take Vanquish Hardcore before meetings because the energy boost is so great and the focus is top notch. Not to mention the appetite suppression that lasts for hours.

Who Should Take Vanquish Hardcore

  • Athletes looking for a an extremely well-balanced fat burner that still supplies that strong energy boost
  • People looking for another great value-for-money option
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How We Decide the Strongest Fat Burners

A lot of things go into being a strong fat burner, so we broke down the best and strongest based on different categories. Each fat burner in its category is the best and most effective on the market.

We also added a best value-for-money elements with Chaos Fat Burner. Which is by no means the strongest appetite suppressant or energy booster, but definitely extremely solid and fat burner.

How do Fat Burners Work?

Somewhat misleading, fat burners don’t really burn fat. Albeit they undoubtedly help a little with the metabolism process, the fat doesn’t just disappear into thin air.

Fat burners are going to make you sweat leading to the actual fat-burning process.

Best Ingredients for Strong Fat Burners

The most common and best ingredients for strong fat burners include, but are not limited to: Caffeine Anhydrous, Alpha Yohimbine and DMHA.

Caffeine Anhydrous is there to give you a energy boost that you would not get with a typical fat burner

Alpha Yohimbine is a very strong stimulant that makes you work and sweat after use. In the strongest fat burners, Alpha Yo comes in at a dosage of 1-2 mg.

DMHA, also known as 2-Amino, is an ingredient with many purposes. In its most common form, DMHA provides an increase in focus, energy, and mood elevation. Essentially a balancing stimulant that brings the supplement together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a fat burner?

If you are struggling with resisting the urge to eat or want a supplement that will help you burn few calories while you work, a fat burner can definitely help out. Although, I will say, if you truly want to lose weight, exercise is the best fat burner.

What are the benefits of a fat burner?

A fat burner is not going to miraculously burn fat for you while you sit around and eat pizza. A fat burner is mainly supposed to suppress your appetite and provide an energy-filled experience while also helping out a little with quickening the metabolism process. And in the best cases also have a focus aspect as well as mood elevation/motivation.

Do fat burners have side effects?

Like every other supplement, there is always a chance you will experience some sort of side effects. Especially with strong fat burners like these, you may go through a crash or something of the sort. But if you can handle these types of strong supplements, you should be fine.

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