Stim Reaper Black Pre Workout Review + Best Deal 2022

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Stim Reaper Black Pre Workout Review

Stim Reaper Black pre workout is a pre workout supplement from Killer Labz. It is meant to deliver on an overall great experience energy, focus, and pumps-wise.

In this Stim Reaper Pre Workout Review, you will find out everything you need to know. From the experience, ingredients, side effects, and more!

Stim Reaper Pre Workout

Where can I buy Stim Reaper Black?

You can get Stim Reaper Black for 20% Off at Supps Central!

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Stim Reaper Black Pre Workout Review on YouTube

This Pre Workout SLAPS 👋 Stim Reaper Black Review [Killer Labz]

My Experience with Stim Reaper Black

Firstly, I tried the Orange Mango flavor and it was actually quite nice. But I’m sure the rest are great as well.

I use Stim Reaper Black on 1 scoop. And this baby hits. 10 to 15 minutes in, this pre workout slaps you. Now, this is not crazy climbing up the walls, but it hits the spot.

On top of that, all of the other aspects come at once.

The kick ass energy is paired with solid focus and pumps.

With the pumps come the beta alanine tingling for approximately 20 mins. Adding on to the buzzed feeling.

Whats is special about Stim Reaper is the motivation aspect. It drives you to keep going.

Not to mention, this pre workout has a whopping 30 servings which is super rare nowadays.

Overall, this is an awesome pre workout that pretty much any one can use. A must buy in my opinion.


  • Extreme energy and focus
  • Long-lasting euphoria
  • Increased endurance and stamina
  • Greater fatigue resistance
  • Nice Flavors
  • Amazing Value For Money


  • None
COMPARE PRICES FOR Killer Labz Stim Reaper Black 20% OFF!

What is in Stim Reaper Black?

Stim Reaper Black has a proprietary label meaning we cannot see the dosage for each ingredient.

But for the most part we can assume the typical dosages. And for 30 servings at $32, this may be the best ‘WORTH THE MONEY’ pre workout of all time.

Stim Reaper Pre Workout Ingredients

Key Ingredients Breakdown

Caffeine Anhydrous

First you have caffeine anhydrous. The stimulant we have all grown to know and love. Caffeine provides the energy boost in Stim Reaper.

Citrullline Malate

Second is a key pump ingredient, citrulline malate. This is going to deliver a solid pump throughout your workout.

Beta Alanine

Paired with the aforementioned ingredient, beta alanine gives you that buzz. Lasts for about 20 minutes so even if you don’t like it, it is not a big deal.

English Walnut Extract

Synonymous with DMHA, English Walnut Extract provides that focus and motivational energy that is apparent in Stim Reaper Black.

Halostachine HCL

Another stimulant that adds to the Stim Reaper monster.

Synephrine HCL

A focus ingredient that allows you to lock in and get to work.


Another cognitive ingredient that puts you in the zone. This and synephrine work great together.


2 or 2.5mg of Alpha Yohimbine is what I am guessing Stim Reaper Black has. An intense ingredient that elevates all of the others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stim Reaper Black a good pre workout?

Killer Labz Stim Reaper Black is a very effective pre workout. Extremely all-around.

Stim Reaper vs Stim Reaper Black

Both are great pre workouts, but I would give the edge to Stim Reaper Black with added ingredients. Black checks all the boxes.

Does Stim Reaper Black have any side effects?

From my experience, Stim Reaper Black has absolutely zero side effects. Clean energy, focus, pumps, and euphoria.


If you couldn’t tell, I love Stim Reaper Black. And at 30 servings for $32 I love it even more.

You cannot go wrong with this pre workout on any day of the week. Energy, focus, motivation, you got it.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Killer Labz Stim Reaper Black 20% OFF!

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