Amped AF Steel Supplements Pre-Workout Review

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Steel Supplements AMPED AF

Steel Supplements is doing really well with basically 2 family of products – prohormones products (which I personally don’t use), and the regular gym-junkie bodybuilding line of supplements. They have 2 pre workout supplements, CHARGED AF and AMPED AF, which are quite similar, but the latter is supposed to be the stim-junkie one.

As far as the label goes, this is a semi proprietary label. I do not like proprietary labels at all but from a quick look at it, it seems like a very unique combination of ingredients.

The open label part is very short and lays out Vitamin B6 & B12 at crazy dosages,L-Citruline at 4g, Beta-Alanine at 3.2g, and Betaine Anhydrous at 2.5g which helps with muscle protein synthesis and some power output. All of these are well doses for pumps and endurance.

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Steel Supplements AMPED AF Youtube Review:

Over Hyped? | Steel Supplements AMPED AF Review [Pre Workout]

Energy & Focus Blend

We have reached the super-proprietary-blend part of the label. Looking hard and long in their website you will find that caffeine is at 260mg, which can help us to kind of understand the quantities as they are usually by order. N-Acetyl and L-Thyrosyl at what I am guessing is about 500mg (but I could be wrong), 260mg of Caffeine Anhydrous, and then a huge list of ingredients that are very interesting. Most of these ingredients are very common in PWOs, but the combination is very unique. I don’t think I’ve seen this combination in other similar products. This product is actually DMAA free, and has Senegalia Berlandieri which appeared in the new DMAA free version of SPF Mesomorph. Steel Supplements AMPED AF’s label outlines the alkaloids they produce here, which is mostly different types of PEAs. By the proprietary label I can only tell there is less than 260mg PEA combo, but there are also some alkaloids I have never seen in a pre workout. There is also NMT that hits you really hard for a short time (and I like it), Hordenine which I like with the combination of PEAs, and then Theophyline which is going to help with respiration (and is actually used to treat asthma). There is also Isopropyl version of canephron which I love. It hits you differently and you get a sustainable, good energy boost.

Then comes a combination of ingredients they call One3^2. Some of these ingredients are common, but some are are quite unique. One of the unique ingredients is Arecoline Hydrobromide – an orchid extract that you don’t see very often, which makes for an interesting combination. The last ingredients are noopept, yohimbine HCL and Huperzine A. I personally love noopept, I know it’s a bit controversial but I think with the right combination it really helps with focus.

Steel Supplements AMPED AF Label

The labels Bottom Line

I wish I knew the quantities, but in any case this is one of the most unique labels I have seen. Steel Supplements really put an effort to make it different.


AMPED AF Flavor & Effectiveness (My Experience)

I know historically the Steel Supplements Pre Workout products had negative reviews in terms of flavor. I had Black Cherry and it was OK, which is all I ask from a pre workout. Now let’s get to the actual experience – Steel Supplements AMPED-AF Pre Workout hits you really hard and really fast. I am actually going to share two experience that I had (WARNING: the second experience is only for pro stim-junkies). Also, if you’re like me and like hardcore, hard-hitting pre workouts, check out the Best Hardcore Pre Workout Supplement for 2019 list we made for you.

Let’s start with the first experience – 1 scoop. It was BEAUTIFUL! I didn’t know what to expect, and it was indeed really hard hitting. But what I mainly felt was a serious sense of urgency – so hard that the rest periods between my sets decreased by 30% because I just didn’t want to wait. You just wanna go at it and never stop. I did feel the heart rate increase, but it was a good one with a strong energy hit. The focus was really up there, and although I didn’t feel any mood elevation, the biggest thing was the motivation and sense of urgency.

Let’s get to the second experience – a rounded scoop. This experiment I did is not for everyone. This pre workout becomes one of the most hard hitting I have ever had with a rounded scoop. My heart rate went up to almost not productive, but the sense of urgency and rage lasted like 3-4 hours after, and I loved it. It almost felt like someone fast-forwarded my day. It is not for everyone, but it was a very unique experience.


AMPED AF Deals & Prices

If you find the right deal (this is where we come in) you can find AMPED AF Pre-Workout for around $39.99. This is a reasonable price for this type of a well dosed pre-workout.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Steel Supplements Amped-AF


Final Verdict

I really like what Steel Supplements did. I don’t like that it is a proprietary blend, but this product WORKS. Very unique experience, and I had no side effects besides the increased heart rate. I would suggest you start with ¾ of a scoop and you will get a great experience and a crazy urge to get shit done. If you wanna just to go at it, give this product a shot.

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