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hydra shred sparta nutrition Review

Honestly, we were excited to do this Sparta Nutrition Hydra Shred Review! Even before trying the product it was clear from the name and the label that Olympus Labs is not playing games here, and is targeting HYDRA SHRED at the extreme end of the fat burning spectrum. Sparta Nutrition is ‘notorious’ for its stim over dosed pre-workout KRAKEN (which we reviewed HERE). It seems that following the success of Kraken, Sparta Nutrition is looking to expand its ‘over the top’ product menu with the introduction of Hydra Shred – Lipolytic Fat Burner. Ok, let’s go in depth and see what we’re dealing with.

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Sparta Nutrition Hydra Shred Review - Product Label

As you can see the Hydra Shred’s label is pretty long and scary at first glance, and as you would expect from the guys who created KRAKEN, it is SUPER STIM OVERDOSED! Let’s take a deep dive and see what we end up with here.

Fat burning ingredients:

  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate – 1 Gram – LCLT has many advantages like enhancing the recovery and repair processes in your body, but the effect we’re looking for here is the post-workout fat burning. Because of the fact it is most effective after workout, it makes this ingredient a good stacking option with a pre workout.
  • Grains of Paradise – 25mg – In West African folk medicine, grains of paradise are valued for their warming and digestive properties, resulting in increased metabolism, leaner physique and better fat burning. 
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine – 250mg Known as ALCAR, Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a popular weight loss ingredient that boosts energy levels as well as focus. It stacks well with stimulants that enhance fat burning such as green tea and caffeine, and we have both of those in this product which means that Sparta Nutrition did their homework. 
  • Garcinia Cambogia – 125mg – A common ingredient in weight loss product, the Garcinia Cambogia is known for boosting metabolism and digestion and even focus.
  • Banabea Leaf Extract 30mg – Been shown to help with glucose transport into cells and to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels (think Glucose Disposal Agent).


  • DMHA – 75mg – DMHA or in its scarier name: N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine provides powerful mood boosting & focus enhancing effects mainly due to its ability to increase levels of Dopamine and Noradrenaline in the body. It is also known to boost energy levels.
  • J.Regia Extract 25mg – This is the naturally occurring source of DHMA (Octodrine), derived from the bark of the English Walnut tree. Notably used for its enhanced absorption and strength and you can easily assume 2:1 more effectiveness compared to synthetic DMHA
  • Eria Jarenis 100mg – One of the “next big stimulants”. Eria Jarensis functions as a neuromodulator that stimulates the central nervous system and has been shown to improve mood. Moreover, it works really well with Caffeine and DMAA…
  • Green Tea Extract 25mg – As we mentioned, Green Tea Extract is known for its fat burning effects but it doesn’t end there. It also provides an immediate source of energy.
  • Caffeine -100mg – from 4 different types of caffeine, with 25mg each.

The Label’s Bottom Line

Believe it or not, this is a partial list of the ingredients! Hydra Shred is one heck of an overdosed fat burner. It is very clear that the main focus here is on the stimulant side of things, so it is not for the faint of heart…there are a lot of ‘new & hot’ ingredients here that on paper should provide a very intense experience when it comes to fat burning, appetite suppression and, well, get you going! 

The label gives you a look of what a 1 scoop serving and a 2 scoop serving provides. Honestly, taking 2 scoops was a scary thought based on the label. We started with one and only after a few days moved ahead to 2 per day. And we glad we did so. HYDRA SHRED is a potent Fat burner, with a lot of focus on stims. We for sure felt the energy kick and to some extent the appetite suppression. Though shining above all was the mood & focus enhancements which we seriously appreciated.



Comes in capsules that are tasteless or in powder form which comes in two flavors – Mango Nectar and Cold Brewed Coffee. These are interesting flavors and for us the Mango Nectar was the better one since we prefer the sweet powders, but the Cold Brewed Coffee was a pretty nice, new taste that we never encountered before and it was pretty decent as well.



Depending on how you use it, the tub has 60 servings at $54.99. That is a hefty price tag for 30 servings, but at 60 servings it is very reasonable. And Based on our experience, this is the way it should be used by most humans…:) On the deals side of things, obviously you should always compare prices for any supplements on the Fitness Deal News price comparison engine and sign up to the deal alerts newsletter, so when a deal pops up you’ll be the first to know about it!

COMPARE PRICES FOR Sparta Nutrition HydraShred



Sparta Nutrition put together a very interesting product in HYDRA SHRED  that can serve also as a legit pre workout and a powerful fat burning product. The stimulant & focus matrix is very impressive, the appetite suppression element is good but not great and the pricing is right. Bottom line, a respectable contender in the fully dosed Fat Burning Top Fat Burners.


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