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When it comes to coffee, most of us have our go-to brands and flavors. But every once in a while, a product comes along that challenges our perceptions and offers something truly unique. Enter Apollon Nutrition’s SHARP COFFEE, a blend that promises more than just a caffeine kick. It’s a fusion of high-quality coffee and nootropics, designed to elevate both your energy and cognitive functions.

Sharp Coffee | Apollon Nutrition

First Impression

Upon first glance, SHARP COFFEE stands out with its sleek design. It’s not just another coffee product; it’s a statement. The packaging suggests a premium experience, and the promise of combining coffee with nootropics is intriguing. It’s a bold move, considering there aren’t many products like this in the supplement world. The idea of having a drink that not only wakes you up but also sharpens your mind is compelling.

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This Nootropic is Dripping | Apollon Nutrition SHARP COFFEE Review


Delving into the ingredients, SHARP COFFEE boasts a blend that’s both familiar and innovative:

  • 100% Colombian Coffee: A staple in many high-quality coffee products, Colombian coffee is known for its rich flavor and robust caffeine content.
  • Natural Caffeine (Arabica): Derived from the Arabica bean, this caffeine source offers a clean and sustained energy boost.
  • Cognatic (Neurofactor): A variation of caffeine designed to enhance learning, focus, and memory. Neurofactor has been around for a while, offering cognitive benefits alongside the usual caffeine perks.
  • L-Tyrosine: Commonly found in nootropics, L-Tyrosine is known for improving focus and reducing the effects of stress and fatigue on cognitive performance.
  • Alpha GPC: One of the most effective choline sources, Alpha GPC supports brain health and cognitive function. It’s a favorite among nootropic enthusiasts for its consistent results.

Together, these ingredients form a potent blend that promises both energy and enhanced cognitive function.


But what about the taste? After all, no matter how beneficial a coffee might be, if it doesn’t taste good, it’s unlikely to become a staple in anyone’s routine. I decided to try SHARP COFFEE as an iced coffee, mixing it with a bit of hot water, followed by cold water and almond milk. The result? A flavor reminiscent of a Starbucks cold brew. It’s smooth, rich, and devoid of any “nootropic” aftertaste. It’s a flavor I genuinely enjoyed and looked forward to each morning.


Now, onto the most crucial aspect: the experience. Drinking SHARP COFFEE is not just about savoring the flavor; it’s about feeling the effects. And let me tell you, it delivers. About 20 minutes after sipping on this brew, I could feel the caffeine kick in. But this wasn’t just the usual caffeine buzz. There was a heightened sense of focus, a clarity that I don’t usually get from my regular coffee.

The combination of caffeine and nootropics in SHARP COFFEE provides a balanced energy boost. There’s no jitteriness, no sudden crashes. Instead, there’s a sustained energy level that lasts for hours. Whether I was working on a project, studying, or just going about my day, I felt more present, more in the zone. It’s the kind of experience that makes you wonder why no one thought of combining coffee and nootropics sooner.

Moreover, the effects are consistent. Each cup offers the same level of energy and focus, making it a reliable choice for those days when you need an extra boost.

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In conclusion, Apollon Nutrition’s SHARP COFFEE is a game-changer. It’s a product that delivers on its promises, offering both a delicious flavor and a superior cognitive experience. For those who love coffee and are looking to enhance their cognitive functions, this is a product worth trying. It’s a blend of tradition and innovation, and it sets a new standard for what coffee can be.


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