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2019 Black Friday Bodybuilding Deals Predictions – Time to Make Some $$$ Gains

With black Friday just around the corner, America’s favorite shopping guessing game is on. How much will a big screen TV will sell for this year?? We have to agree that this is a fascinating topic by itself, but for us fitness buffs, TV is that thing we watch between workouts, meals, and recovery. The bottom line for us is that TV prices going down is great but we would replace 10’’ of the screen for 10LB of protein any given day!

Fortunately for us, bodybuilders & fitness fanatics, Black Friday deals and promotions have become just as popular in the fitness space as in the electronics space, with most online retailers offering great deals and promotions on bodybuilding supplements, workout apparel, and equipment throughout black Friday and what has officially become Cyber Monday.

So, with that in mind we decided to start a new tradition and put down our predictions for the 2019 Black Friday Fitness & bodybuilding deals:

General Outlook:

No need to put on that jogging outfit and burn calories waiting in the Walmart line trying to grab a fitness door buster. With online sales taking over the fitness related market by a storm, you should expect to see the best deals for anything fitness and bodybuilding to be available online rather than in your physical store. Deals should start appearing on thanksgiving evening and last throughout Monday (cyber Monday).

Bodybuilding Supplement Black Friday Deal Predictions

Brand name protein going below $5/LB – Yeah, this should be the time to stock up on protein. For 2019 we definitely expect to see some of the leading supplement brands such as Optimum Nutrition, Muscle Pharm, Dymatize or Cellucor go on sale for a Buy one get one free on their 5LB offering (which rarely happens during the year, and we expect these deals to be black Friday exclusive supplement deals). Which will bring the price for a 10LB to about the $40-$50 range. We also expect to see a variety of Sub $10 shipped prices for some of the best pre workout names out there.

Fitness Clothing and apparel black Friday prediction:

Black Friday (as are Cyber Monday & Green Monday) is always a good time to shop for already discounted online Active Ware. We expect to see ‘site wide’ free shipping on most leading sports apparel stores with deals and coupons that will bring the price of leading brands fitness shoes to the $20 range and bodybuilding clothing to the sub $10 range.

How to make smart choices? Well, that’s what we are here for. The Fitness Deal News team is here to make sense out of the ‘loud’ ads and promotions and filter out only the real hot deals that will save you real money on your bodybuilding supplements, gear, and apparel and make sure you are making the most $$$ gains out of the 2019 black Friday. All you need to do (assuming you signed up for our deal alerts) is to monitor your inbox and check our site before you make any purchase decision. Remember we are on your side J

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