RYSE Pre Workout Review

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A new pre-workout from RYSE supplements, designed for EVERYONE. RYSE supplements has been around for only about a year (mind you), and already have some amazing athletes backing them up. One of these athletes is the UFC fenomena Conor Mcgregor, which truly proves RYSE supplements are a serious player in the supplements business, and are here to stay. Another thing I like about them is their clean, professional approach. No zombies or crazy monsters, but rather just a clean, well designed lifestyle brand.


Let’s dig deep into the label and what you should expect from the Ryse Pre-Workout. Here is our ryse pre workout review:

RYSE Pre-Workout Review | Be Like Conor McGregor? [No BS Review]

Ryse Pre Workout Label

This is a fully dosed pre-workout with 16.4 grams of ingredients per scoop, about 14g of them are active ingredients, so there are very little fillers. It is also naturally flavored and has no artificial coloring. When looking at the label you can definitely notice this is more of a focus type pre workout rather than the stim junkie ones.

RYSE Pre Workout Label


The pump formula is super simple.

L-Citrulline Malate 2:1 (5g)

If you react well to Citrulline that should be good enough for pumps, but if you need other stuff like Agmatine or glycerpump for volume then you’re probably going to miss that a little bit.

L-Arginine (1g)

This is an ingredient I haven’t seen in awhile in the newer pre workouts, but it is supposed to help with pumps.

Overall this is a solid pump formula with nothing too fancy but will do the work.

Endurance & Muscle Power

Beta Alanine (2g)

Yes, this is below the clinical dose, but I think RYSE are truly aiming this pre-workout to everyone, so they didn’t want to go full serve for those intermediate users. I still felt the tingles, so yes, it might not make you go crazy, but it does give you a good workout.

Betaine Anhydrous (1.5g)

This is going to help you with muscle protein synthesis and muscle power output. This is on the lower end of clinical dose, but still definitely clinically dosed.

Overall, again, Ryse covered the basics here.

Energy & Focus

Caffeine (275mg)

This is one of those scientifically dosed pre-workout, and as such this dose is right what you expect. For most people in the world this is a good dose, and there are no other stimulants.

L-Tyrosine N-Acetyl (750mg)

That is A LOT of N-Acetyl and L-Tyrosine. Mind you this is not L-Tyrosine that you can sometime see even 1.5 grams, but rather the more bioavailable formula of L-Tyrosine.

Citicholine (as Cognizin) (200mg)

Unlike Choline which you can find a lot of the times in big amounts (1-1.5 grams), Cognizin is way more bioavailable, and I love it. It helps with focus and mood elevation, and really just be in the zone.

Huperzine (50mg)

Again, lower from what i am used to seeing, but definitely clinically dosed.


Ryse Pre Workout Experience


I tasted the Electric Lemonade. There is only about 2 grams of flavoring in it, so you would expect it to be lacking in flavor, but it isn’t! I found it super refreshing, tastes just like lemonade, and I actually thought there’s some sort of electricity in it! (no joke, try it yourself).


There’s no doubt that RYSE Pre-Workout is a nootropic type pre-workout, more than anything else. If you take the beta alanine tingling out of it this would be one of the best nootropics I tried. You’re in the zone, and the best part is the mind muscle connection and the clean focus. Not crazy energy kick, but rather smooth and focused.

Pumps are solid if you react well to Citrulline, and you definitely feel the beta alanine tingling (although the low quantity). No itching, but definitely feeling it which I like.

Ryse Pre Workout Review Bottom line – Who is this for

The experience lives up to the label. Again, not a stim junkie pre workout – if you stopped feeling (links) AREZ, Defiant Unleashed Pre Stackedand all these other stim junkie pre-workouts, RYSE Pre-Workout isn’t gonna get you going.

This is also a great pre-workout for a late night workout as there are not enough stims to get you going for hours, so you can train in the evening and still go to bed in a reasonable time. Also, if you are an athlete who is looking for a push without grey area ingredients, this is definitely for you.
Bare in mind  this is a high-end premium lifestyle brand, so the price is not so low. Check out our Ryse Pre Workout Price Comparison for the lowest prices around.

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