Rich Piana 5150 Pre Workout Review

blog-icon By Posted on December 27, 2016

Rich Piana 5150 Pre Workout Review


Coming from an overdosed personality is an overdosed Pre Workout. Just like with every product Rich Piana’s releases to the market, the 5150 brings in not only the crazy look on the package but some of highest dosages for pretty much every ingredient. This one is HARDCORE.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Rich Piana 5% Nutrition 5150



Rich Piana 5150 Pre Workout Label
A quick look at the label and the first thing that comes to mind is that Rich Piana googled every stimulant possible and added it to the product. The main event in the 5150 is (brace yourself…) 600 mg ‘stim-crazy’ caffeine complex which mixes 4 different types of stimulants (Higenamine Hydrochloride, Hordenine, Halostachine, Synephrine) on top of 400 mg of caffeine and other stimulants such as green tea extract and Guarana and green coffee bean extract.


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The Label’s Bottom Line- You should be getting the stim jitters & pump from just reading the label. Rich Piana has delivered a seriously overdosed label with the 5150!


Taste & Mixability – The taste is great and there are 4 flavors to choose from. It also mixes perfectly and stays with no clamps.

Effectiveness – With such high doses, the 5150 is a really strong high stimulant pre-workout. Plus, you get the full effect of what you take- Amazing mental focus, clean energy, and great muscular endurance.


The retail price for 30 servings is around $30, which when you look at what you are getting in every scoop is an AMAZING price compared to the competition. For a pre-workout this strong is doesn’t get much better than this. Rich Piana’s products don’t go on sale too often but you can always compare price and find the best deals from around the web on our site.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Rich Piana 5% Nutrition 5150




If you’re looking for a super strong pre-workout that will blow your head off, this is the one. Overdosed, high stimulant very effective pre-workout that will do what you would expect from such a product to do. For a lot of our readers, though, this will be way too many stimulants. On the flip side, you can look at it as 60 servings of a ‘strong’ Pre Workout 🙂


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