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Primeval Labs Mega Pre

The Promise

Primeval has been running on all Cylinders and for all practical purposes proved itself as a serious contender in every category. We already reviewed APE Sh*t by Primeval and is right now one of our favorites. MEGA PRE though is not supposed to be just another good pre-workout. Primeval wants it to be THE BEST pre-workout.

Before we dive into the MEGA PRE Review, Lets put it right out there and take the elephant out of the room. Primeval Labs is a stim free pre-workout. Yes, stim free, this means no caffeine, no DMHA and no other stimulants that you are used to seeing in pre-workouts. Instead, MEGA PRE promises to be the best stim free pre-workout out there, providing you with the extra power, pumps, and energy you need to go through your workouts but without the stims.

The Stim Free category is designed to serve to goals, the first being for people who want to get the added benefit of a pre-workout but without the stimulants (working out late at night?) and some add it to their existent stim based pre-workout to get the added benefits of power, strength, and pumps.

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What’s in it & Why

6g Citrulline – Yeah, pure Citrulline (not Citrulline Malate), That’s one of the largest dosages in any pre-workout in the market. This incredibly powerful nitric oxide booster L-Arginine in effectiveness yielding greater vasodilation, vascularity, and pumps. L-Citrulline also enhances athletic performance by enhancing ATP production in the body, boosting endurance, and supporting lean mass gains.

2g GlycerPump glycerol – this new version of Glycerol promises to alleviate Glycerol biggest drawbacks around clamping & mixability. So if 5g of Citrulline wasn’t enough to get you all pumped, the addition of GlycerPump should get you super swole.

300mg  l-norvaline – is a unique amino acid. It’s actually a form of the BCAA valine, commonly taken to improve muscle growth

254mg of VasoDrive-AP – This patented ingredient inhibits an enzyme that causes blood vessel constriction and as such, it helps with vasodilation & increasing blood flow

1g Choline Bitartrate  – This is a hefty dose of this focus ingredient. Though we would like to see here more bioavailable forms of choline like alpha GCP or CDP choline, the choline here is fully dosed.

elevATP 150mg – in the new 2018 version of MEGA PRE elevATP replaced D-Ribose. elevATP is a true all-natural athletic performance enhancer, elevATP® is a patented ingredient from is a specific combination of “ancient peat” and apple extracts. It’s been shown to increase ATP production in the body to help boost energy levels without the need for caffeine or other stims.

100mcg Huperzine -Pairing Huperzine + Choline make for a long-lasting, highly effective nootropic due the promotes sustained focus and a superior mind-muscle connection.

The Label’s Bottom Line

Primeval Labs is good at what it does! And we haven’t yet found a product that didn’t deliver on its promise. The MEGA PRE label is fully equipped to provide you with the natural energy, strength increase and focus you need in your workouts!

MEGA PRE Deals & Primeval Labs Coupons

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MEGA PRE – Best Flavors

MEGA PRE is available in 3 flavors and as always, Primeval labs hit it right with the flavors, specifically anything with a mango in it 🙂

Effectiveness & The Bottom Line

We really liked Primeval Labs Mega Pre. This is a no BS product that delivers what it is supposed to deliver. You’ll get some of the best pumps & muscle fullness we have ever experienced, and you will feel the impact of the focus formula on your mental readiness to take over your workout. Does MEGA PRE deliver the same effect as a hard-hitting stimulant based pre-workouts? The answer is no. But if you want to take some time off stimulants or you changed your schedule to work very late at night. This Stim free pre-workout is one of the best that your money can buy!


COMPARE PRICES FOR Primeval Labs Mega Pre


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