Primeval Labs Primavar Review

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Primeval Labs Primavar review


The rising star of the supplement world, Primeval Labs, dropped a huge announcement not too long ago. They’ve announced the release of their new natural anabolic that will be replacing the brand’s Super Laxo. Enter the world of Primavar.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Primeval Labs Primavar



Primavar is  a single ingredient formula, and it uses the same lead ingredient that was used in Super Laxo – Laxogenin. Laxogenin, also known as 5 alpha hydroxy laxogenin or 5a hydroxy laxogenin, is a plant compound that is essentially a plant steroid that is similar in structure to the better-known plant extract ecdysterone. It acts as an effective alternative to prohormones. It complements the use of protein supplements and it is fast acting. It was also found to reduce post workout muscle soreness, accelerate recovery, improved resistance to physical and mental fatigue and faster gains in strength

The big difference is the dose of that single ingredient. In Primavar, you get 125mg Laxogenin as opposed to 20mg in Super Laxo. That is more than six times more Laxogenin in Primavar.

The Label’s Bottom Line-

The suggested dose for Laxogenin is a daily consumption of 75-150 mg. Primeval Labs’ dosing instructions feature 2 capsules a day. That’s 250mg (!!!) Laxogenin per day. With how well Laxogenin acted in the past, you can only imagine what a dose like this would affect you.


Primavar by Primeval Labs is currently available for $49.99 for a 60 capsules bottle. That’s a month worth of Primavar. Obviously, the best way to get a great deal on Primavar or any other supplement is to keep on checking our site, as we continue to hunt down the best deals from around the web.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Primeval Labs Primavar



Primavar is simply better in any way compared to its predecessor. It gives way more for way less. The only close competitor in the market would be Hi-Tech Pharma’s Laxogenin 100 which we recently reviewed. These two products are very similar and should be your best choices when looking for a natural anabolic.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Primeval Labs Primavar


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