PHENOM Pre-Workout Review | I was wrong about this one!

blog-icon By FDN Posted on April 8, 2023

PHENOM Pre-Workout Review

Listen people! TJ here with another stim junkie pre workout review and this time, Elite form PHEMOM Pre Workout. Yes, Elite form formulations…if you never heard about them, you are not alone. Me neither. That’s why I did not expect much from the PHENOM pre workout. But just like we do here on the channel with any pre workout, we give it a fair chance. So in this review, we’ll take you through the label highlights, but more important will give you a detailed description of my experience with Phenom. As always you can watch the video review on YouTube if you are more into movies than you are into books 🙂

Where can I buy the Phemom Pre Workout?

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Phenom Pre Workout Review on YouTube

I was SO WRONG | PHENOM Pre-Workout Review

Label Overview

The label of this pre-workout is not fully disclosed so we don’t know what is actually suppose to be in it. But as you heard me say before labels are just labels anyway..with that said here’s a breakdown of the ingredients:

  • Citrulline Malate: 3 grams for pumps.
  • Beta-Alanine: 3.2 grams for tingling.
  • Agmatine Sulfate: 1.5 grams for pumps
  • An energy & focus matrix with about 400mg of caffeine, DMHA and DMBA

elite form formulation phenom ingredient panel



The flavor I tried of Elite Form PHENOM pre-workout was strawberry margarita. it was a solid flavor and uneventful which is good news for a stim junkie pre workout. One thing worth mentioning is that Phenom’s powder does seem to clump a bit. Luckily these are the ‘soft’ clump types that are really easy to manage.

Performance & Experience

I had zero expectations for this pre workout, as I had never heard of the company and to be fair the design of the label wasnt giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling. But I was so wrong. This pre workout was one of the most surprising experiences I had in 2023.

10 minutes in, I started to feel the beta alanine buzz and it was very fast. I got the warm tingling sensation and then the energy kicked in. It was nothing crazy, but it was a very good energy. It was a nootropic type of energy that kept me in the zone and focused.

20 minutes in and for the next hour and a half, I felt the nootropic buzz. It was a good feeling that kept me moving. I felt no side effects, no pre-workout jitters, no post-workout crash. It was just a good bubble buzzing feeling.


PHENOM pre-workout was a very surprising experience. I had zero expectations and I was so wrong. It gave me a good energy buzz, nootropic focus, and a good feeling that kept me moving. If you can still find this pre-workout, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Bottom line – Don’t judge the cover, you never know!!



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