HyperMax Extreme Pre Workout Review + Discount Code 2021

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HyperMax Extreme Pre Workout Review

Performax Labs is one of my favorite supplements company, mainly because of their great consistency. You will not find one of their products on the market that is not high-quality. And here we will be taking a look at Performax Labs’ most popular pre workout – HyperMax Extreme. This is supposed to be along the lines of a beginner stim junkie pre workout.

But does it deliver on that promise? Let’s find out in this HyperMax Extreme Pre Workout Review.

Hypermax Extreme Pre Workout

Where to Buy HyperMax Extreme 

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Extreme Pre-Workout 🤯 Performax HyperMax EXTREME Review

My Experience with HyperMax Extreme

In terms of the flavor, I tried the Rocket Bomb and it was quite nice. Not something you would casually sip on, but definitely on the higher end for pre workouts.

As far as the experience goes, I decided to try this pre workout on a day I was feeling a bit under the weather and wanted something to lift me up. Not something that would kill me. And it did just that.

Is it a stim junkie pre workout? Not really. But if you are looking for good long-lasting energy rather than a massive kick in the butt, this is definitely for you.

I also really enjoyed the focus effect and mood elevation. The pumps were solid and the endurance was also very good. I continued using this Velocity Pre Workout Powder for a while because I really liked the effects. And whenever I didn’t feel like going crazy with the stims this was a great option.

One thing I can say is this doesn’t last too long like other pre workouts, but it does give you about 1-1.5 hours of good clean energy and nice mood elevation. Definitely a good option if you’re trying to take a break from the heavily stimmed pre workouts.

Overall, no matter what your tolerance is, Hypermax Extreme can be used by everyone. Would definitely recommend you give it a shot.


  • Hard-Hitting Energy (Not Overwhelming)
  • Clean Focus
  • Solid Pumps
  • Nice Flavors in terms of a pre workout


  • None
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What is in HyperMax Extreme Pre Workout?

As you will notice most of the ingredients in the Velocity Pre-Workout are pretty common but some are actually pretty interesting.As far as the stim package goes it is pretty standard with 350mg of caffeine, but as far as the nootropic side of things you get a really interesting combination of ingredients that I haven’t seen in many pre workouts.

HyperMax Extreme Pre Workout Label

Ingredient Breakdown


Caffeine Anhydrous at 350mg is right on target for me. Above or below this dosage is usually too low or too high to my liking. Next is Acetylcysteine at 300mg which is pretty unique for pre workouts, as it is more of an antioxidant, but there are some researches that show it helps with fatigue, and 300mg is the clinical dose.

Moving on to the stim/mood elevation and focus package – we have PhenylBerry at 250mg which is a complex of PEA Alkaloids that helps with mood elevation and focus. On top of that we have 250mg of DL-Phenylalanine which is an amino acid that has a lot of functions in the body, one of them includes the production of Tyrosine which helps with focus.

A very interesting combination topped up with a 100 – count them – 100 Mg of Hordenine which a very hefty dose, and it is going to be interesting to see how this combination works in terms of the experience. Huperzine at 100 mcg which is the clinical dose, and combined with the other ingredients should help emphasize the effects.


Starting with 3.2g of Beta Alanine which you know I love for the tingling and endurance, and Creatine Anhydrous at 3g. Creatine Anhydrous is a more bioavailable form of Creatine Monohydrate, so with 3g you’re basically getting about 5g of Creatine.

As far as the pumps package we have 3g of L-Citrulline and 1g of Agmatine which I personally like in terms of the combination for pumps. You can add a lot of stuff for muscle volume, but this combination works for most people, and for me.

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I really liked this pre workout, it provides a clean and smooth experience with a nice mood elevation and focus. Definitely a good choice for a less heavy pre workout experience for all of you that are looking for such option.

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