Oxy Lean Fat Burner Review + Best Deal 2022

blog-icon By FDN Posted on March 31, 2022

Oxy Lean Fat Burner Review

Oxy Lean Fat Burner is a fat-burning supplement from Gen One. This weight loss aid has been getting attention for being next up.

In this Oxy Lean Fat Burner Review, you will find out everything you need to know. From the experience, ingredients, side effects, and more!

Gen One Oxylean

Where to buy Gen One Oxy Lean

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My Experience with Oxy Lean

I took 1 serving of Oxy Lean, which is one pill. And let me tell you, I loved the experience.

This is not a super overwhelming fat burner. Although the ingredient list may be long, this is a clean ride.

After taking 1 pill, I felt the energy surging in pretty instantly. Again, nothing crazy, just cool energy.

The main thing I loved about Oxy Lean was the sense of well-being. This fat burner was very effective in making me feel good. Productive mood elevation is the best way for me to describe it.

The focus was also on point. I was in a meeting soon after I took this fat burner, and I could feel I was more in the zone.

The appetite suppression was obviously solid. As that is one of the main things you want to see in a fat burner. On top if that is also a nice thermogenic effect. Which made me feel like I was actually burning fat.

No side effects either which is always great to see. Usually supplements that contain Alpha Yohimbine can cause colds, but this is not the case.

Bottom line, Oxy Lean is a great fat burner. And if you are looking for a new go-to, this could definitely be it.


  • Great Appetite Suppression
  • Sense of Well-Being
  • Energy Boost
  • Solid Focus
  • 60 Servings


  • None
COMPARE PRICES FOR Gen One Oxylean Fat Burner – 20% OFF

What is in Oxy Lean Fat Burner?

Gen One Oxy Lean has several hardcore ingredients. Such as Bauhinia L Extact, Bacopa Monniera, and Synephrine.

The thing is that we cannot see the exact dose of each ingredient. As this is a proprietary label.

Oxylean Fat Burner Ingredients

Key Ingredients Breakdown

Caffeine Anhydrous

First, Caffeine Anhydrous is an energy stimulant that acts as a pick me up. You definitely feel it in Oxy Lean.


Next, Thermo-V is a combo of 3 ingredients: stearoyl vanillylamide, capsaicin, and zingerone. Together they work to increase lipolysis. Fat oxidation and thermogenesis are improved as well.


More commonly known as Synephrine, this component is typically used for focus. But here it is also breaking down lipids, another word for fats.

Bauhinia Purpurea L. Extract

Bauhinia Purpurea L. Extract is a flowering plant species that will counteract any possible side effects of Oxy Lean.

Bacopa Monniera

Very similar to Bauhinia Purpurea. Bacopa Monniera is an antioxidant that works to reduce stress, boost brain function, and more.


Then, Theophylline is another fat-burning ingredient that.

In a study Theophylline “significantly increased weight loss in all experimental groups as compared to the controls.

Weight loss was achieved not only by preventing the adaptive fall in resting energy expenditure associated with diet restriction, but by raising it above basal level.” (Source)

MexxEndure XV

Stearoyl Vanillylamide is an analog of Capsaicin, a compound found in various species of hot pepper.

It can help boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite, while also providing some of the thermogenic effects.


Also known as Vitamin B3, Niacin is anther proven fat-burning agent. Specifically with other ingredients such as those in Gen One Oxy Lean.

Rauwolscine Extract

Lastly, Alpha Yohimbine is a super hardcore ingredient that strictly intensifies the whole experience.

Another Perspective

I'M IN DISBELIEF! 😱 Gen One Labs Oxy Lean Fat Burner Review

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Oxy Lean and Oxy Lean Elite?

Oxy Lean and Oxy Lean Elite are the same product. For some reason the two have become synonymous. But you will get the same result if you search for either term.

How much caffeine does Oxy Lean have?

Because Gen One decided to go with a proprietary blend, it is not mentioned how much caffeine is in Oxy Lean. But supposedly it has 90mg of Caffeine Anhydrous according to GGH. Which seems like a very underwhelming amount, but that is what Gen One told him,

Is Oxy Lean safe?

Oxy Lean is definitely safe. This is not a super overwhelming fat burner. As long as you are used to stimulants, you will be fine.


Everything considered, Oxy Lean is an awesome fat burner. Not only does it deliver, but you get great value-for-money.

This comes in at around $40 after discount for 60 servings. And it really does not get much better than that.

Energy, appetite suppression, focus, and more. Do not hesitate to grab a bottle if you are looking for a new fat burner!

COMPARE PRICES FOR Gen One Oxylean Fat Burner – 20% OFF

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