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From the makers of RE1GN and Conq3r Unleashed comes Olympus Labs BLOODSHR3D. Their flag ship thermogenic fat burning supplement which promises to provide you everything needed to get rid of fat, improved mood, increased energy and enhance your mental and physical performance. Bloodshr3d comes in 2 editions, namely, RAW & WAR. The difference between the 2 editions is the addition of Rauwolfia serpentina which is a powerful ingredient effective in the treatment for hypertension.





BloodShr3d is out in a 45 servings tub with a recommended 2 scoop per serve at (3.89g) As we always love to see we have a full breakdown of the Label for you so we can see just what going on inside!

bloodshr3d label

Maximum Lipolysis Blend 

Green Coffee Extract (Chlorogenic Acids) (500mg):

  • Green coffee bean extract are seeds that are left unroasted. Instead they’re soaked and then concentrated to create the extract. It is commonly used for weight loss and it regulates blood sugar, stabilizes insulin release and suppresses appetite. The amount in Bloodshr3d is over the top. The most we’ve ever seen and 5 times the average you’ll see in competing products.

Sophora Japonica (400mg)

  • Sophora japonica also known as Japanese pagoda tree, is native to eastern China and Japan. Very similar to Green coffee extract its used to stimulate glucose uptake and fat oxidation.

Cafine (250mg)

  • What you are getting here is a mix of 2 types of caffeine: caffeine anhydrous and caffeine citrate which though all are generally speaking designed to get you going, the mix is suppose to get you going for longer periods and also prevent the post workout crash.

Rhodiola Rosea extract (100mg)

  • Rhodiola rosea is a herb in the rhodiola genera which is an adaptogenic that helps your body adapt to stress. At 100mg, it is dosed on the lower side here.

Thermogenic Trifecta: (306mg)

Eria Jarenis Extract :

  • This is a natural stimulant that enhances mood  creating “euphoric” feeling during your workout.

J.Regia Extract

  • Is the Natural form of DMHA and more potent. It stimulates your central nervour system, Increases focus, elevates mood and increases energy. J.Regia is considered way more potent than DMHA. 

The Label’s Bottom Line

BloodShr3d comes in strong with a combination of stimulants, appetite suppression and fat metabolizers.  With an outstanding 5X the amount of green coffee extract usually found in most fat burning supplements available. Combined with a well dose and not over the top amount of caffeine plus the help of mood enhancing supplements to help tame the rage when you are cutting down. Another thing worth noting, is that Olympus Labs has a proven history in using the purest and highest quality form of the ingredients in their product, which usually means the OL products hit you fast and hit you hard!


As far as taste goes the taste doesn’t suck it’s not great but it doesn’t suck. We tried Hawaiian Punch and it’s nothing special. The mixability is also good and blends well.


Olympus Labs – BloodShr3d Price & Deals

BloodShr3d  is listed at $34.99 for a 45 serving tub. Which isn’t a bad deal.  The best way to get a great deal on BloodShr3d or any other supplement, is to keep on checking our site, as we continue to hunt down the best deals for everything fitness.



The number one thing with Olympus Labs – BloodShr3d is the fact that the appetite suppression WORKS! It definitely helps control the cravings and stops you wanting to eat an elephant. Also worth mentioning is the mood elevation is great and really helps boost your mood in the times of need. It won’t leave you feeling stoned but it will really do its job when it comes to that Hunger Anger! Definitely worth getting your hands on it and giving it a try. We Like BloodShr3d so much, you should expect to see it in our top 10 fat burners soon enough!


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