Noopept in Bodybuilding Supplements - What You Should Know

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You probably heard the term ‘Nootropics’ which references a category of supplements designed to influence cognitive functions. Noopept, or N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester, is a nootropic molecule that research has shown can improve cognitive functions, including focus & memory.


Noopept was developed as an alternative to a well known pharmaceutical called piracetam which delivered similar benefits but required much larger dosages (as much as 4000% compared to Noopept).

Noopept is a patented compound, trademarked by the Russian company JSC LEKKO Pharmaceuticals.



Noopept users are regularly reporting positive impact in the different areas including improved focus & clarity, learning capacity, improved information processing and more. Also, research shows that Noopept is rapidly absorbed in the body and demonstrated half-life averages about 1 hour (20mg dosage).



Noopept has been shown in various cases to carry cognitive benefits. Many of the studies surrounding Noopept have been conducted in Russia, with few conducted in other countries. When it comes to tests on humans, again the research is limited and when it exists were usually not performed on healthy humans. The clinical dose to get the Noopept benefits is reported to be somewhere in between 15mg-20mg.


Noopept in Supplements

Based on the benefits mentioned above you could easily imagine the reason why Noopept has been increasingly finding itself in Pre Workout & Fat burner Supplements. Just like other Nootropics, Noopept promised to keep you focused during your workout or on your diet, and improve your overall performance.



The number of products currently including Noopept is limited, but it’s safe to guess you will see it more often in Pre Workouts, Fat burners and mostly in the ‘nootropic’ category.  Some of the products are: Redcon1 Mental Trigger, Nootropic. Condemned Labz – Arsyn fat burner, Primeval Labs – ‘Gray Matter’ Nootropic & more.


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