MusclePharm Wreckage Review 2018 - MP's Return to Pre-Workout Game?

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Is MusclePharm Finally Stepping Up Its Game?


MusclePharm is one of the leading names in the muscle supplements industry, today. The huge success of MusclePharm Assault had confirmed the company as a top player in the market, particularly in the pre-workout category. MusclePharm, however, lost prominence after the initial success of Assault,  primarily because it put innovation on the backburner and stopped developing new products for its customer base.

However, MusclePharm recently announced the release of Wreckage, after an extended period of silence from the company, and they weren’t disappointed as the brand revealed everything there is to know about the product. In this comprehensive MuscpePharm Wreckage review, we will see if the company is set to deliver on the promise.

COMPARE PRICES FOR MusclePharm Wreckage


What’s in it & Why?


A quick look at the label indicates that the 418 g container tub contains 25 servings of 15 g each. THAT’S MASSIVE! And on top of that, the fact that the majority of each serving comprises of active ingredients is sure to pack a punch. But enough of scratching the surface, let’s dive into the ROIs you can get.

Muscle Endurance & Pumps

Every serving of Wreckage contains 2g of Beta-Alaline which though below the clinical dosage. It is the highest quality available (Carnosyn). Beta-Alanine is helpful in reducing the build-up of lactic acid which directly enhances muscular endurance.

Wreckage also contains 5 g of pure L-Citrulline, indicating that it is an improvement on Assault. Citrulline has been known to increase muscle contraction efficiency, meaning that you will be able to perform more reps later on in the workout. Citrulline also reduces muscle soreness and is known for its Nitric Oxide boosting abilities, meaning that you won’t have the excuse of sore muscles to escape chores anymore.

And if 5g of L-Citrulline wasn’t enough, Wreckage is the second product to bring in the patented VASO-6 and AstraGin which worked wonders where it comes to N.O and pumps in Olympus Labs RE1GN.

The Stimulant Package

Well, this is where MusclePharm went again all out (without the inclusion of ‘exotic stimulants) – Wreckage contains 300 mg of Caffeine, per serving, which puts it squarely in the single serving category. NO BS!

Don’t Blank Out

Experience suggests that workouts cause stress, not only on the muscles but on the cognitive functions as well. Wreckage contains adequate quantities of L-Tyrosine, Huperzine A to ensure that this won’t happen. But MP didn’t stop here. Add to that 100mg of L-theanine plus 100 mg of a new ingredient ‘neuroFactor’ which is supposed to work synergistically with the  Caffeine and l-theanine to not only prolong the effect of the caffeine but to bring you into that ‘in the zone’ area. And with 100mg of Alpha GPC, you have here a very respectable package!

MusclePharm Wreckage Review VERDICT

The ingredients of MusclePharm Wreckage are, mostly, clinically dosed. Though being a ‘mainstream’ company, still staying away from exotic stimulants like DMHA &  Eria Jarenesis among others, MusclePharm has stepped up its game by introducing a legitimate contender in the complete pre-workout category, which will find a good spot on traditional distribution channels.

COMPARE PRICES FOR MusclePharm Wreckage


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