Defiant Unleashed Pre Workout Review + Coupon 2022

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Defiant Unleashed Pre Workout Review

Following their breakthrough Defiant Pre Workout, MuscleForce soon released their new and improved Defiant Unleashed Pre Workout. It supposedly had similar qualities to its little brother but everything just hits harder. In this MuscleForce Defiant Unleashed Review, we will be talking about everything from the benefits, side effects, flavors, and more. Without further ado, let’s get right into the review!

Defiant Unleashed Pre Workout

Where to buy Defiant Unleashed Pre Workout

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Defiant Unleashed Pre Workout Review on YouTube

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My Experience with MuscleForce Defiant Unleashed

Let’s start off with the flavor. I tried the snow cone flavor. And I expected it to be relatively bad because of all the stimulants, but it is actually pretty good. 

Now we get into the actual experience. I expected this to hit me so hard I wouldn’t be able to stop running around, surprisingly enough even though it has 450 milligrams of Caffeine and with all that shit that I mentioned before, this doesn’t give you that crackhead feeling.

You don’t really feel over-stimmed. It hits you slowly I would have to say, for me it took about 20 minutes before I started to feel something coming. I’m not sure how to explain that feeling but it’s a bit different than just like 20 minutes and then out of nowhere “boom.”

I would say it lasts for a good couple of hours judging from my experience. It hits, you get that energy rush, you get focused but not that tunnel vision focus. Although, I definitely felt focused and more than anything else it got me motivated.

Overall, this is an extremely solid all-around pre workout that hits all the bases.


  • Hard-Hitting
  • Great Pumps
  • Laser Focus
  • Energy Boost
  • Nice Flavors


  • None that come to mind
COMPARE PRICES FOR MuscleForce Defiant Unleashed Pre Workout 20% OFF

What is in Defiant Unleashed Pre Workout?

Defiant Unleashed is a loaded pre workout with several stim junkie ingredients like DMHA, Lion’s Mane, Noopept, and more. When these ingredients are put together well, the experience can be awesome. And MuscleForce nailed it down with both the mix of ingredients and dosages.

MuscleForce Defiant Unleashed Review

Key Ingredients Breakdown

Methylxanthine Anhydrous – 450 mg

A strong stimulant similar to Caffeine Anhydrous that is going to be the main source of energy in this pre workout.

Citrulline Malate – 8 g

L-Citrulline provides pumps and muscularity during the workout. These are really solid in MuscleForce Defiant Unleashed.

Beta Alanine – 3.5 g

The 3.5 grams of Beta-Alanine is going to give you that tingling sensation. A buzz that pushes you throughout the workout. Not to mention, it can also oftentimes help with endurance.

DMHA – 200 mg

Next, DMHA is an ingredient that improves your focus and helps out a bit in the mood elevation sector.

Eria Jarensis – 200 mg

Another ingredient that is going to help with mood elevation. Eria Jarensis is also going to help you get ‘locked in’ during your workouts.

Lion’s Mane – 500 mg

This is one you do not see often. It’s really unknown the effects it has in a pre workout, but generally, Lion’s Mane is going to help with your focus and other cognitive aspects of your workout.

Noopept – 30 mg

Lastly, we have Noopept at 30 mg which is a hardcore cerebral ingredient found in many nootropics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much caffeine is in Defiant Unleashed?

This pre workout actually does not have any caffeine but it has Methylxanthine Anhydrous which acts as its replacement.

Did the formula change?

The formula changed many times over the years with limited editions and new versions. Personally, I would say this newest version of Defiant Unleashed Pre Workout is the best.

Does MuscleForce Defiant Unleashed have any side effects?

From my experience, I did not go through any side effects. But this is definitely not a beginner pre workout. So unless you are an experienced pre workout user, do not take MuscleForce Defiant Unleashed.


So this is my final verdict guys if this doesn’t ruin you financially, it is a super good experience for that motivational feeling. I really like what Unleashed brings to the table and Muscle Force as a company. This product is a really good package together with the flavor and stimulants. The label doesn’t lie in this case. Listen people, if you want to save money on Defiant Unleashed you can find the latest coupons and deals below. 

COMPARE PRICES FOR MuscleForce Defiant Unleashed Pre Workout 20% OFF

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