Muscle Pharm Re-Con Review

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Muscle Pharm Recon



Muscle Pharm comes back from their long absence from the recovery space with a revamped version for the Recon post-workout. Let’s take a deeper look into the reborn Recon…




Muscle Pharm Recon Supplement Facts


Unlike its predecessor, the new Recon is more transparent with its ingredients and mentions each one’s dose, which is a much welcomed improvement. Plus, it uses a pretty much completely different formula which is divided by blends.


Premium Nutrient Peptide Delivery Blend  

GroPlex™ 6g, Carb10™ 5g – This blend helps your body to react better and more effectively to recovery ingredients in the Recon. GroPlex™ is a trademarked proprietary blend that uses dairy peptides and proteins to increase insulin levels in the body, which results in better absorption of nutrients which speed up the recovery process. The Carb10™ is a non-GMO carb that will help you replenish glycogen stores in your body.

Strength & Power Maximizing Complex

Creatine Monohydrate 5g, L-Leucine 3g, L-Glutamine 3g – Creatine Monohydrate needs no introduction and at 5g you are right at the clinical dose. L-Leucine is a muscle protein synthesis stimulant, which pretty much means better muscle growth. L-Glutamine is a recovery enhancer, but it has a problem. When not taken in a big dose, and 3g is not a big dose, it can be all consumed in the stomach, meaning it doesn’t even get to the muscles, and that make us question the benefit of it.


Recovery Antioxidant Profile

VitaCherry® 300mg, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine 150mg – VitaCherry® is using the Tart cherry’s benefits on post workout soreness and improving strength recovery after workout. Furthermore, it limits muscular damage during workout and speeds recovery. N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) is a powerful antioxidant, plus it has liver protecting benefits.


The Label’s Bottom Line-  All around, the Recon looks very promising, giving us a lot of well backed-up ingredients in good dosages. Muscle Pharm really came back with a new mentality and it looks like it is paying off.




Best Flavors & Mixability – Muscle Pharm debuted the new Recon with two flavors, Fruit Punch and Orange Cream. We are leaning towards the Orange Cream, although both are very good, but honestly, we are a bit tired of fruit punch generally speaking!


Effectiveness – We think that something good came out of the slump that Muscle Pharm went through, as we get a quality product that works great. Our experience with it was very positive and we got just what we wanted. After a few uses of the Recon you could really feel the difference between not using a post-workout and using one, and that just about does it.




$39.99 for a 30 serving tub is one of the highest prices we’ve seen for a post-workout, which is a bit surprising since MusclePharm is really just starting their effort to climb back up in the recovery game. Even when you are factoring in that you get really 3 products in one (Carb complex, Creatine, Recovery). On the deals side of things, obviously you should always compare prices for any supplements on the Fitness Deal News price comparison engine and sign up to the deal alerts newsletter, when a deal  pop ups you’ll be the first to know about it!





It looks like MusclePharm is looking to come back to the recovery playing field, and they aren’t playing around. Recon is a well thought of formula which just works. Other than price, Recon is a great product that you might wanna check out if you’re looking to recover better and produce DEM GAINZ.


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