MuscleForce Defiant Shredded Review + Best Deal 2022

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Defiant Shredded Review

Muscle Force is one of the most popular companies on our site. Their products star in all of our ‘BEST’ lists, including Vanquish Hardcore for fat burners, Grind for nootropics and obviously Defiant Unleashed for Pre-Workouts. Quality formulas, solid packaging and good value for money. That’s why when the company announced the 2 in 1 punch of Defiant Unleashed Shredded, I was looking forward to giving it a go!

In this Defiant Unleashed Shredded Pre Workout Review, we will go over everything from the experience, label, flavor, and more!

defiant shredded review

Where to buy Muscle Force Defiant Shredded

The best deal we could find is on Supps Central with coupon code ‘FDN20’

Watch the full review on YouTube

My Experience with Defiant Shredded 

Let’s start off with the flavor of Muscle Force Defiant Shredded. I tried Mimosa, Blue Razz and Miami , and all of the are in the tradition of Muscle Force good flavors. Y’all know what I think about flavors in pre-workouts, but to be fair, these are literally good flavors.

Now, for the experience, because this is what matters. What did we expect? well, i was expecting to get a great pre-workout experience with the added benefits of the fat burner and thermogenesis.

The energy burst is immediate and stays consistent for a good couple of hours. This is clean energy, nothing too crazy, actually perfect. Also the focus and the mood elevation are very apparent. I love it.  Even though Defiant Shredded packs Alpha Yo, I didn’t feel any side effects what so ever. I barely felt the beta alanine tingles, which is more a psychological thing rather than actual performance (but i do like the tingles…).

Now, for the ‘fat loss’ aid benefits, you definitely feel hotter. I was sweating a bit more that usual, which is what you want to happen with a pre-workout – fat burner combo. Also in addition, i felt a very apparent appetite suppression for a few hours post workout.

As far as pumps, I didn’t expect much, and I didn’t get much 🙂

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a combo fat burner / pre-workout that you can actually use everyday and get great results, Defiant Shredded delivers!


  • 2 in 1 Fat burner / Pre Workout
  • Appetite suppression post workout
  • Clean energy
  • Mood Elevation
  • No Crash


  • No real impact on pumps

What is in Defiant Shredded

As defiant is a 2 in 1 supplement, you can expect to see a mix of fat burner ingredients and a pre-workout panel, and that is exactly what you’ll see below.

Key Ingredients Breakdown

Natural Caffeine – 300 mg

First, we have Caffeine Anhydrous at 300 mg which is the key stimulant for energy in Defiant Shredded.

Beta Alanine – 1.6 g

Next, Beta Alanine is an ingredient that has become extremely popular over time. This ingredient provides a tingling feeling that people, such as myself, have come to love. Yet, at 1.6g which half of the normal, you shouldn’t expect much.

DMHA – 125 mg

Also known as 2-amino, this is a hard-hitting stimulant that adds to the focus and euphoria aspect of this pre workout.

Eria Jarensis 

Another ingredient that is going to help with mood elevation. Eria Jarensis is also going to help you get ‘locked in’ during your workouts (source)

Alpha Yohimbine (1 mg)

Lastly, there is Alpha Yo. Alpha Yohimbine is an extremely strong stimulant. And at 1 mg for 1 scoop, an entry level amount of Alpha Yo, to rip the benefit without the downside.

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