MRI Black Powder Pre Workout Review

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The MRI Black Powder used to be one of the best-selling Pre Workouts until 2-3 years ago. With the ultra-competitive Pre-Workout market of today, it’s sort of left behind. Also, MRI is not a very ‘loud’ brand (to say the least). But still, this product survived the test of time and stayed popular.  

COMPARE PRICES FOR MRI Black Powder Ultra – $5EA

MRI Black Powder Ultra - Pre Workout Label


Like it or not, this is a proprietary blend formula. And yes it’s a HUGE, LONG label.  So, we cannot tell you exactly how much of every ingredient is in it. Don’t like it? Well, it is what it is. So, let’s go through them:

Starting off with 45 calories. In the grand scheme of things 45 calories is not a big deal, but if you counting every calorie (aka starving…) then maybe the MRI Black Powder is not for you.

Proprietary blend for size and recovery: at 3 grams. This has got the LAAKG and it’s got L-Arginine HCI or hydrochloride. Basically, HCI is a term used for the fact that it’s soluble or water soluble in your system so it can digest and act quickly.

Proprietary blend for strength and recovery. That’s where you’re going to find electrolytes, Creatine Anhydrous and Creatine Ethyl Ester. Creatine Ethyl Ester is a type of Creatine that’s a little bit more pure. It’s not going to turn over or convert to Creatinine as much, giving you a more pure, less side effect or less bloating.

mri black powder ultraProprietary blend for stamina and endurance. They actually put more electrolytes in this. They loaded this thing with electrolytes – great for anytime you’re sweating and losing precious electrolytes. It also has Carnosine Beta-Alanine. Which beyond the tingling it’ll give you it will offset fatigues and buffer lactic acid. They actually put in this blend, 1101 milligrams. Not funny, 1101. Literally to a teenth..(with that said, 2.5 grams is the recommended dose).

Proprietary blend for muscle, energy, and metabolism: at 879 milligrams. MRI has some good stuff in this one, including MCT – medium chain triglycerides which will help with burning fat and something that your body can easily use for an energy source.

Proprietary blend of neurotransmitter for focus & Energy. Proprietary blend of neuromodulators. 202 milligrams here. Pretty’s got caffeine, green tea extract which is more of a long-term stimulant. I’d say green tea is kind of a buffer for caffeine and it’s got Betaine Anhydrous. Betaine Anhydrous works very well with uploading or up taking Creatine.

Proprietary blend of insulin sensitizer: Simple Taurine. 500 milligrams. Very different energy and obviously per-MRI very good for insulin sensitizing.

Cell signaling amplifier: This is where the MRI Black Powder is supposed to come in. It’s the Actinal’s IR which is instant release, whey protein fractions. Now this is not for muscle building, they actually put this in here to boost NOS, Nitrous Oxide Synthesis. How much is in this blend? It’s a good to question because I don’t know…

Servings, Price & MRI Black Powder Deal History:

You are looking at 40 servings which are more than your average. So you’re getting more value.

Cost wise, you’re looking at the mid-30s on most of the online stores. Which is above average. But obviously, we are all about the hunting down hot deals, so yeah, we’ve seen it as low as $13 on a deal, which for 40 servings and everything in it is an amazing value for money!

COMPARE PRICES FOR MRI Black Powder Ultra – $5EA

Hands On Experience & Summary.

Let’s start with the taste & mixability. Simple – Taste is average & mixability is good. Done! Effectiveness – One scoop wasn’t enough for me. I would say this is a beginner Pre Workout. 1 scoop of the MRI Black Powder for someone that already went through a tub of APS Mesomorph or Mr.Hyde will not do a lot as far as energy and focus. But if you are more of a 1 scoop C4 guy (I personally can go to sleep with 1 scoop of C4… Then Black Powder is a good alternative with a much broader spectrum of active ingredients that will do the job for you and then some. And if you find it on a deal that allows you easily double or triple scoop you got yourself a solid workout!


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