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Each and every one of us had a day where their brain would just be all over the place, with no ability to concentrate or think straight. And on that day, everyone wish there was some kind of way to help themselves and get their mind in line. In this article we will be looking at what might be the answer to your needs. Introducing the Brain Bridge by MAN Sports, the nootropic supplement that aims to help those in need for some mental boost in their busy day. This is not a ‘fitness supplement’ per se. This is MAN Sports venture into the general market nootropic category.


The Brain Bridge’s label is big. Very big. It has more than a few ingredients that enhance brain function, in addition to some other ingredients. The label is also divided into formulas, each formula with a job of its own. To elaborate, we’ll just introduce you to the ingredients.

Man Sports Brain Bridge label

LTP Mental Domination

80mg Sceletium Tortuosum – The Sceletium Tortuosum, also known as Kanna, is an ancient herb that was used throughout the history as a stress and anxiety reliever. It basically increases serotonin levels, resulting in better mood. It has other advantages such as boosting energy and cognitive function.

7mg Coleus Forskohlii 95% – Forskolin has a couple of brain boosting properties. It enhances focus and memory and improves your mind-muscle connection.

BrainBridge Formula

750mg Acetyl L-Carnitine – This is an acetylated form of L-Carnitine, an amino acid that usually aids the body converting fat into energy. In this form, the amino acid can cross the BBB (blood-brain barrier) and boost cognitive function and focus by increasing acetylcholine production.

600mg AlphaSize Alpha GPC – Alpha GPC, like Acetyl L-Carnitine, increases acetylcholine production. But that’s not all. The usual dose we see of Alpha GPC is 300mg. The dose here is 600mg, twice the usual dose and in such a high dose, Alpha GPC also grants strength gains. That is a welcome bonus to get.

500mg L-Phenylalanine – L-Phenylalanine is an amino acid that the brain uses to produce Tyrosine. The Tyrosine is turned to numerous neurotransmitters such as Epinephrine, Dopamine, and Norepinephrine.

250mg N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine – NALT is the acetylated form of tyrosine, which is also more water soluble. That helps it cross the BBB more effectively. The effects of the NATL are similar to regular Tyrosine but it is still not as good as regular L-Tyrosine.

150mg Bacopa Monnieri 10:1 – Bacopa Monnieri is another herb which is basically the same as the Kanna with the addition of increased attention.

100mg SerinAid – A trademarked form of Phosphatidylserine (PS) which acts as an efficacious nutrient that can help maintain and improve focus, memory, concentration, mood and reduce stress.

200 mcg Huperzine A – Huperzine is an indirect acetylcholine elevator, unlike Alpha GPC, which is actively used in the production process of acetylcholine.

Natural Caffeine Blend

125mg Green Coffee Beans – the addition of caffeine to the Brain Bridge is quite interesting. Not only that, it also uses a natural source of caffeine in the Green Coffee Beans which delivers the desired effect of caffeine without its side effects (such as jitteriness). This will give you the boost in focus and alertness caffeine usually gives.

200mg L-Theanine – Theanine is an amino acid that is used for both helping the body with handling the “kick” of stimulants and also enhancing mental effects of caffeine.

100mg TeaCrine – A very common ingredient nowadays, TeaCrine provides long-term energy which your body can’t build a tolerance to. It also increases Dopamine levels, just like caffeine does.

20 / 20 Vision Support (Literally)

The last category of the Brain Bridge is quite an interesting one. This category has vision enhancing ingredients, which is pretty cool to have this type of nootropic since vision is quite important, especially when you want to be laser focused.

20mg Lutein and 2mg Zeaxanthin – Both of these ingredients promote eye health. They do that by fighting ARMD- age-related macular degeneration. It is important to note, that all the research around these ingredients shows that they are only effective with prolonged usage. So not sure how effective they will be in this context.

The Label’s Bottom Line

I think I started feeling more focused and energized by just reading this label! MAN Sports have created a brain monster here. The caffeine blend is impressive and we love the combination with TeaCrine and L-Theanine. The ‘focus’ blend has everything you would expect and then some.


The Brain Bridge is currently unavailable, but we do know that when available, it comes in one flavor called Sour Nukes. Sounds interesting to say the least.


The Brain Bridge will be available at $39.99 for a 20 serving tub. Since we don’t see a need to use it on a daily basis, this makes it a ‘when i need it’ $2 serving which makes perfect sense (You would pay that for an energy drink in a heartbeat).


MAN Sports put a lot of thought (and ingredients) in the this one. The Brain Bridge may seem too complicated because of its huge label, but that what makes it interesting. It looks to have a lot of advantages is many departments, with some funky additions (vision boost), But overall this reads quality and focus all over it. And I for one, would give it a shot when it is out. I can totally see it helping me in a lot of occasions.

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