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Magnum Limitless Review fi

The Promise

Magnum Nutraceuticals, probably the company with the least catchy name in the supplement world, introduced its pre workout- Limitless to a lot of fanfare and since its launch has been getting a lot of great reviews. The Limitless is described by the company as an “extreme” pre workout and its main focus should be, well, about focus. In this Magnum Limitless Review, we will take you through both what you should expect and does it deliver from our own personal experience.

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What’s in it & Why

Boy, can’t get enough of them proprietary blends (seriously why is this still a thing). With that fact put aside, the Limitless has a pretty big label full of solid ingredients. And its not all bad, as some of the ingredients actually have their dose mentioned as opposed to the ingredients in the blends. Let’s dive right into the ingredient profile and see what we have here.

Magnum Limitless Label

7g IsoPower Complex –

The IsoPower Complex consists of 3 form of creatine: Creatine Isolate, Creatine Pyruvate, and Creatine Phosphate. As you probably know by now, creatine does a bit of everything, with enhanced strength and muscle size, recovery and focus being his primary effects. The complex also has Beta Alanine and Whey Protein Iso 90% in it. Magnum actually mentioned in their Facebook page that the dose of Beta-Alanine in the Limitless is over 2g, which is not too shabby. Next, you’re probably asking yourself why is there whey protein in a pre workout supplement? The answer to that would be that the protein provides a source of BCAAs during a workout. It also prevents the product from hardening when stored. This is a pretty nice touch by Magnum.

5g L-Citrulline – To know that L-Citrulline is dosed at 5g is great. L-Citrulline is a prime pump amplifier, which increases Nitric Oxide (NO) production thus expanding blood vessel and improving blood flow to achieve the desired pump boost. 3g is considered adequate, so 5g is WAY good!

2.5g Betaine Anhydrous – Betaine is another pretty common, very solid ingredient. Betaine increases power and improves recovery, two thing no one can get enough of.

1.42g Happy Brain Blend

The Limitless’ focus blend is filled with nootropics and stimulants to keep your focus and energy up for a long time. To start off, we’ve got L-Tyrosine. L-Tyrosine increases Dopamine and noradrenaline production resulting in boosted mood and focus, plus reducing stress levels. Next, we have Caffeine, which also was addressed by Magnum’s Facebook page and is at less than 250mg. Even if we don’t know the exact amount, it still looks like the Caffeine does is satisfactory, especially after trying the Limitless for ourselves. Coming up are Bacopa Monnieri Extract, an herb which boosts cognition and helps combat stress and anxiety, Choline Bitartrate, a more bioavailable version of Choline that improves mind-muscle connection, Myristica Fragrans, a more unique and less studied ingredient but was found to improve focus, and GABA, a neurotransmitter that provides a sense of calm during workout.

500mg Beet Root Extract – The Beet Root Extract’s only effect is increasing production of NO which we discussed earlier with L-Citrulline.

100mg Pine Bark Extract – Pine Bark is used mostly for overall health support but was also found to elevate NO levels, just like the Beet Root.

200mcg Chromium454 – This is a patented form of Chromium and Brewer’s Yeast Extract which helps with insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism.

The Label’s Bottom Line

Although some of the ingredients’ dose is unknown, the Limitless still has a promising profile. It has well known and proven ingredients for the most part and a complete formula which should excel in the pump and focus departments

Hands-On Experience

Best Flavors & Mixability – Flavors available are Brazen Black Cherry with a Grape Kicker and Fearless Fruit Punch with a Peach Kicker. Not the catchiest names and the flavor is OK for both of them. Not undrinkable but not that enjoyable either.

Effectiveness – well this is what really matters and The Limitless is a great product. It puts you in laser focus mode, feeling like nothing can shake you off the target. This is a true one scooper, as one scoop would get you enough energy &endurance addedd to the crazy focus level. Even recovery was better with Limitless. On the downside, Pumps were mediocre & mood elevation unnoticeable.


Limitless is a one scooper, which is nice but is priced on the high end with a $42.99 for a 20 serving tub price, which puts it on the high end of the range. And that’s why you should always compare prices on the fitness deal news price comparison engine!

COMPARE PRICES FOR Magnum Nutraceuticals Limitless



Magnum Nutraceuticals has built a great supplement with the Limitless. It delivers on long-lasting energy with no jitters or crash and for sure – If focus is your thing, it doesn’t get much better than this. The downside is you would pay a very high price for a pre-workout that doesn’t fully deliver on the other areas.

COMPARE PRICES FOR Magnum Nutraceuticals Limitless


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