M2 Pre Workout Review [2023]

blog-icon By FDN Posted on July 15, 2023

M2 Pre Workout Review

You probably never heard of Mind Muscle Nutrition before, even though they have been around for a fairly long time. I recently came across their hardcore M2 Pre Workout and figured I would give it a shot.

On label, it has everything to make one of the better pre workouts of 2023. But as we like to say here at Fitness Deal News: “LABELS ARE JUST LABELS.”

Without further ado, let’s find out if M2 Pre Workout truly is a best pre workout contender.

M2 Pre Workout

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Prepare for lift off 🚀 M2 Pre Workout Review [Mind Muscle Nutrition]

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My Experience with M2 Pre Workout

I tried the Blue Slushy flavor and it was actually nice. Obviously a pre workout is never going to be a smoothie, but this is definitely drinkable.

As for the experience itself, this baby does wonders. Truthfully, M2 has to be one of the best pre workouts I have tried in the last year. Hands down.

The effects hit you about 20 minutes in but the intensity slowly scales up during the workout. So you keep getting an extra push.

The focus was also on point. It was just consistent, tunnel vision focus that had me in the zone throughout the entirety of the session.

Then we have the pumps. Which were super solid. I definitely got some increased vascularity as well as the Beta Alanine tingles I love to feel.

I will say one rare aspect of M2 that I love to see in pre workouts is euphoria or happy mood elevation. It sort of reminded me of the infamous Dark Energy euphoria.

Overall, M2 from Mind Muscle Nutrition is a pre workout you NEED to get your hands on. It lasts forever and will push you to some of the best workouts you will ever have.


  • Gradual Hard-Hitting Energy
  • Laser Focus
  • Solid Pumps
  • Euphoria/Mood Elevation
  • Decent Flavor


M2 Pre Workout Coupon

By Mind Muscle Nutrition

Discount code:

FDN20 = 20% off at Supps Central

Get it on Supps Central

What is in M2 Pre Workout?

Since we last reviewed M2, the tub now holds 25 servings & not 30.

Like I said, on label, M2 is really one of the best pre workouts I have seen in a while. Super well-rounded with ingredients like Caffeine, Eria Jarensis, and Alpha Yohiimbine.

M2 Pre Workout Label

Ingredient Breakdown

Caffeine Anhydrous – 150 mg

First we have caffeine anhydrous at 150 mg. Now, you may think this is a low dosage (which it is), but just wait until the next ingredient on the list.

Caffeine Citrate – 50 mg

Now, combined with the 150 mg of caffeine anhydrous, the 50 mg of citrate does wonders. Just a super clean energy kick that lasts for hours.

Eria Jarensis – 250 mg

Eria Jarensis contributes to the euphoria, focus, and mood elevation in M2 Pre Workout.

Synephrine HCL – 50 mg 

Then we have Synephrine HCL which is another focus ingredient that will have you absolutely locked in.

2-Amino – 100 mg

Also known as DMHA, 2-Amino is quite similar to Eria Jarensis in the sense of its focus/euphoria effect.

Alpha Yohimbe – 2.5 mg

Alpha Yo is strictly there to increase the intensity of your workout. While some people may be sensitive to this ingredient, most users should be fine unless you are sensitive or a beginner.

Beta Alanine – 4 g

Next, there is Beta Alanine which is going to provide that tingling/buzzing throughout your body. Which works extremely well with the focus and pumps in Mind Muscle Nutrition’s M2.

Citrulline Malate – 6 g

Citrulline Malate is the key pump ingredient in M2. I, personally, had absolutely skin-tearing pumps that will skyrocket your vascularity.

L-Tyrosine – 1.5 g

Last but not least, we have 1.5 grams of L-Tyrosine which is yet another focus ingredient in M2.



As you can tell, I absolutely LOVED my experience with M2 Pre Workout. This is just an awesome pre workout, simple as that.

There are no overwhelming ingredients are dosages that will make you go crazy. But Mind Muscle Nutrition M2 makes it work.

If you have any doubt in your mind on getting this pre workout, get rid of it. Because there is no chance you are going to regret buying M2.

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