Leatherfaze Pre Workout Review + Discount Code 2022

blog-icon By FDN Posted on June 5, 2021

Leatherfaze Pre Workout Review

Leatherfaze Pre Workout is a pre workout supplement from Aggressive Labz. This pre workout is one of the original ones with the now-banned DMAA. 

In this Leatherfaze Pre Workout Review, we will be going over everything you need to know. From the experience, flavor, and so on, we got you covered.

Leatherfaze Pre Workout

Where to Buy Aggressive Labz Leatherfaze

Closest thing to Leatherfaze right now is God of Rage Pre Workout.

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Best DMAA Pre-Workout 2021? | Aggressive Labz LeatherFaze Review

My Experience with Leatherfaze Pre Workout

First off, I tried the Green Apple flavor and it was actually really nice. I did not try the other ones, but I would assume they are good too.

So I used Leatherfaze with both a level scoop and a heaping scoop (A couple of grams extra). 

At a level scoop, this is a very good pre workout. The energy hits really hard and fast. And the quickness is always a bonus because you do not want to sit around waiting for it hit.

Almost immediately you get a “wired” feeling. I was in the zone and ready to workout extremely quick.

Then, the pumps are tingling are solid. Nothing crazy but definitely does the job.

Leatherfaze lasts for a while as well. From my experience, I would estimate the effects to last for about 2-3 hours. And despite the high caffeine dose, there is no crash or come down.

Now, with a heaping scoop, Leatherfaze was a better pre workout for me. The tingling and focus was intensified. In addition to getting a bit of a rage.

Simply a sense of constant urgency with heat.

All in all, Leatherfaze from Aggressive Labz is a great pre workout that will hit every time you need to get an extra push.


  • Hits Hard and Fast
  • Sense of Urgency
  • “Wired” Feeling
  • Solid Pumps and Tingling
  • Nice Flavor


  • None that I can think of
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What is in Leatherfaze Pre Workout?

Leatherfaze Pre Workout is one of the only pre workouts left with 1,3. It is becoming more and more clear these are not going to be around for long, so make sure to grab yours quick.

Leatherfaze Pre Workout Ingredients

Ingredient Breakdown

Cafeine Anhydrous – 500 mg

First, an ingredient we all know. Caffeine Anhydrous is going to provide that strong boost of energy. 500 mg of Caffeine is on the higher end but it is something us stim junkies love to see.

DMAA – 45 mg

Next we have 1,3 at 45 mg. If this is real DMAA, this is a very solid dosage. This is supposed to provide a euphoric or rage effect that enhances the pre workout experience.

L-Citrulline – 8 g

L-Citrulline is the key pump ingredient that will provide the swole feeling in Aggressive Labz Leatherfaze.

Beta Alanine – 4 g

4 grams of Beta Alanine will give you that tingling/buzz that I mentioned in the experience section. This adds to the energetic feeling from the caffeine.

Synephrine HCL – 80 mg

Synephring HCL is a focus or euphoric ingredient. This dose is on the higher end which matches the theme in Leatherfaze.

Yohimbine HCL – 3 mg

Then there is Yohimbine HCL which is not to be confused with Alpha Yohimbine. This stimulant increases body temperature as well as intensifying the other effects.

Creatine Monohydrate – 3 g

Creatine Monohydrate is meant to be an overarching ingredient that brings the other hard-hitting ones together.

Black Pepper Extract – 10 mg

Lastly, Black Pepper Extract is going to act as an absorption ingredient that will make the whole intake experience smoother.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Leatherfaze Pre Workout Legal?

Leatherfaze has 1,3 which is not necessarily illegal, just banned. You would not get in trouble for purchasing it, that is for sure.

Who is Aggressive Labz Leatherfaze for?

Leatherfaze Pre Workout is for the more advanced stim junkies looking to step it up to the next level in the gym. If you are sensitive to stimulants, this is not for you.

Is Leatherfaze Pre Workout a good pre workout?

Aggressive Labz developed a great pre workout in Leatherfaze. You should expect it to be one of the best you have ever used.

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