Lean Phase Fat Burner Review P1 + Best Deal 2022

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Lean Phase Fat Burner Review

Phase One Nutrition is a newer company that came out recently pre workouts like Pre-Phase KO and its nootropic counterpart, Brain Blitz. Now there was a fat burner added to the collection called Lean Phase. In this Lean Phase Fat Burner Review, we are going to be talking about everything you need to know. From the benefits, side effects, and so on. Without further ado, let the review begin!

Lean Phase Fat Burner Review

Where can I buy Lean Phase Fat Burner?

Closest thing to Lean Phase right now is Vanquish Hardcore.

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The Happy Pill | LEAN PHASE Fat Burner Review [Phase One Nutrition]

My Experience with Lean Phase Fat Burner

I took 1 capsule the first time I used Lean Phase and this was a pretty awesome experience. Nothing hit you too hard. You did not get that cracked out feeling that you get with Herolean from Dark Labs or anything like that. The mood elevation was what really shined with Lean Phase. Take 1 capsule of this fat burner and you are put in your happy place, which is pretty rare for a fat burner but definitely a bonus.

The appetite suppression was ok. You will feel the effects of the stimulants for sure but you are not going to sweat an insane amount or feel like you are dying. You can take 2 capsules of this to feel these effects a little bit more but I would be really cautious as the level from 1 to 2 capsules is a pretty big jump.

Then we have energy. Phase One Nutrition really nailed it down with the energy because Lean Phase has you happy and energized for hours. Like I mentioned, the dosages of the ingredients may throw you off, but they do the job. With fat burners and pretty much any gym supplement, it is more about how the ingredients interact with each other than how much you put in. you can put 700 mg of Caffeine or a super high amount of Beta Alanine, but the experience will just not reflect that.


  • Awesome Mood Elevation
  • Good Energy Kick
  • Solid Appetite Suppression


  • No real fat metabolism ingredients 
  • You will not feel your body temperature go up
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What is in Lean Phase Fat Burner?

Lean Phase is actually one of the rare fat burners nowadays where you see very low dosages of stimulants. There are your typical ingredients like Caffeine Anhydrous, 2-Amino, Black Pepper Extract, and Yohimbine HCL. Some Stim Junkies might actually see this label as a little underwhelming. But as we always say here at Fitness Deal News, LABELS ARE JUST LABELS!

Lean Phase Ingredient Label

Lean Phase Fat Burner Review Label


Despite the low dosages, this label still has those great stimulants that we love to see in a fat burner like DMHA at 150 mg which is a very balanced amount. Then you have Caffeine of course at 300 mg per serving which is the main ingredient for energy in most gym supplements. Overall, the energy you get from Lean Phase fat is just really solid. Although the main purpose of a fat burner is appetite suppression and to help you a little with your metabolism, an energy boost is always great to see. Because you just generally don’t wanna be in a bad mood.


This is the exciting part. Although I am not sure what ingredients on this somewhat weird label provide this, Lean Phase gives you one of the best, if not the best, mood elevation boosts I have ever felt with a fat burner. This thing just makes you happy for several hours. I would even go to say that it has some nootropic qualities in that it gives you cerebral benefits mood-wise. Which again is ver strange if you are strictly looking at the label.


With the stimulants I mentioned before, you are bound to get some appetite suppression. And I have to say the appetite suppression with Lean Phase is simply decent. It is not amazing and it is not horrible, it does the job. You will definitely feel your heart rate accelerate a little bit after taking it, but it is nothing too crazy. You could even take 2 capsules of this but I would only recommend that after taking 1 capsule and if you really did not feel much. Because you will definitely feel this on 2 capsules.


You can find this awesome fat burner at Supps Kingz and a couple of other sites, and as always you can always compare prices and find the best deals on Fitness Deal News.


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