Kodiak Attack Pre Workout Review

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Animalistic Pre – Training Amplifier. Yeah, Animalistic… 🙂

ATTACK is the flagship product of KODIAK, a relatively new comer to the supplement scene. The New Jersey based company introduced ATTACK in late 2016. Before we go into the real important parts of this product, one thing we’ll tell you right upfront, this is the best tasting Pre Workout we have put our hands into in a long time. BUT, seriously, who cares? It’s great if it’s there, but that’s not why you are buying a Pre Workout. So let’s dive into the label and our experience in the gym with this full, hands on KODIAK ATTACK Pre Workout Review.




KODIAK went with a full disclosure label which is great. Let us look at the highlights from the label and then summarize our thoughts.

KODIAK ATTACK Pre Workout Supplement Facts

  • 25 servings per tub, as you’ll see this is definitely a one scoop Pre Workout so 25 is a good number.
  • Strength & Endurance: 3g of Beta Alanine (Carnosyn). We got used to see 3.2g in most designer Pre Workout, but 3g is just about there
  • Energy & Mood: 300mg of Caffeine + 50mg of DMHA. A good mix between good old caffeine and the new DMHA should put you in the zone and give you that kick.
  • Focus & Nootropics: 750mg of N-Acytl-Tyrosine, 25mg Cytidine 5’-diphosphocholine, 50mcg of Huperzine – Cool blend of proven focus enhancers, with the Tyrosine in generous doses and the rest, well, not so much.
  • Pump / N.O: ATTACK brings in 3g of Citrulline Malate (2:1). 500mg of Arginine and Ornithine, and completes it with Beta Vulgaris. The Bottom Line: An OK list of ingredients (well, except the Arginine) – but unfortunately the dosages are on the lower end and well below recommended dosages.  




We already spoiled the moment here in our preface. This is the best tasting pre workout we had in a long time, with 4 flavors designed to mimic the taste of some of the most popular candy known to humanity, KODIAK killed it with the taste. And as for the best one, well, honestly you just can’t go wrong here.




Well, KODIAK is one of these silent hitters. This is not one of these high stim killer pre workouts that will get you going crazy 15m into it (think APS Mesomorph, Mr. Hyde etc). ATTACK, attacks you smoothly but consistently and on the focus & mood side, proves that sometimes more grams per ingredient, are not necessary. If anything it reminded us of DVST8 CRIMSON by Inspired Nutra, another silent hitter.


The bottom line for us, is that ATTACK delivers. If you are tired (or just don’t like) the STIM crazy Pre Workout feeling, you have another option here with a Pre Workout, that will get you going in the gym without making you blowing your head off.


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