Knocked The F*CK OUT Sleep Aid Review

blog-icon By FDN Posted on April 29, 2024

Stepping into this review, my curiosity was piqued not just by the product’s brazen name but by the legacy of Rich Piana himself. Known for pushing the boundaries in the bodybuilding supplement industry, Piana’s products have always commanded attention. “Knocked The F*CK Out” is no exception. After several nights of testing, I’m ready to share whether this sleep aid had me counting sheep or counting ceiling tiles.

Knocked The F*CK OUT Sleep Aid | Rich Piana

About the Brand

Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition has carved out a niche for itself with supplements that pack a punch, and the brand’s ethos—hardcore dedication and no shortcuts—shines through in their product lineup. From pre-workouts to recovery aids, each product, including “Knocked The F*CK Out,” carries Piana’s larger-than-life persona and commitment to quality.

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Rich Piana Knew How to DO IT 😴 Knocked The F*CK OUT Sleep Aid Review [5% Nutrition]

Ingredient Breakdown

Navigating the sleep aid landscape can be tricky, but “Knocked The F*CK Out” simplifies this with a straightforward, potent formula.

  • GABA (750 mg): A cornerstone for relaxation, GABA’s presence is felt almost immediately, easing the mind and diminishing the mental chatter that often keeps us awake.
  • L-Tyrosine: While primarily known for focus, in this context, it serves to balance brain chemistry, reducing stress and aiding in the transition to sleep.
  • Chamomile (650 mg): A nod to traditional remedies, the inclusion of chamomile is like a warm hug for your nervous system, promoting calmness and setting the stage for sleep.
  • Melatonin (8 mg): This is where “Knocked The F*CK Out” flexes its muscles. The melatonin dosage is robust, ensuring that once you’re asleep, you stay that way, embarking on a journey of deep, restorative sleep.


The hot chocolate flavor is a stroke of genius. It’s comforting, familiar, and surprisingly pleasant, making the pre-bedtime ritual something to look forward to. It’s the first sleep aid I’ve encountered that leaves me with a warm, fuzzy feeling before I’ve even hit the pillow.


This section deserves a bit more detail because, let’s face it, the experience is everything. From the first night, “Knocked The F*CK Out” made its presence known. About 30 minutes after taking it, a noticeable shift occurred. My usual bedtime anxieties began to fade, replaced by a growing sense of calm. The hot chocolate flavor was the perfect precursor to the night ahead, setting a comforting tone.

As someone who typically struggles to disconnect and quiet the mind, this sleep aid was a revelation. The transition from awake to asleep was smooth, devoid of the tossing and turning that often characterizes my nights. More impressively, I stayed asleep. Each morning, I awoke feeling genuinely rested, a rarity for me. The grogginess that accompanies many sleep aids was absent, leaving me ready to tackle the day ahead.

Rich Piana Knew How to DO IT
Knocked The F*CK OUT Sleep Aid

By ‘Rich Piana 5%’

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In a market flooded with sleep aids promising restful nights and energized mornings, “Knocked The F*CK Out” stands out—not just for its bold name but for delivering on its promise. It’s a robust formula that caters to those in need of a serious intervention in their sleep routine. The high melatonin content might not be for everyone, but for those it suits, it offers a powerful tool for combating restless nights. Coupled with its value for money and the unique hot chocolate flavor, it’s a product that demands attention.

For anyone seeking a deeper, more restful sleep, “Knocked The F*CK Out” might just be the game-changer you’re looking for. So, here’s to better nights ahead—because we all deserve to be knocked the f*ck out (in the best way possible) after a long day.

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