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MAMBA Pre Workout Review

Mamba Pre Workout from the people at KLOUT PWR is one of 2 pre workouts recently launched by this up and coming brand.

Mamba is marked as an ‘extreme pre workout’ by the brand, given its relatively high amounts of stimulants (specifically caffeine).

But as you will see from the label breakdown below, there’s more to this pre workout than just a bunch of stimulants and a ‘pretty face’ (yes, the label design is awesome)

In this Mamba pre workout review, we will take you through the ingredient panel, but more important will go through the actual experience so you will have a good perspective on what to expect.

Where To Buy Mamba Pre-Workout

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My Experience

I tried Mamba on a full scoop (well, you know how I roll). And as usual went through at least 4 full workouts while using Mamba.

Overall I really enjoyed Mamba by KLOUT PWR. Though this is not an ‘EXTREME’ pre workout, as the company is marketing it, this is actually a good thing!

Mamba delivers a super balanced experience on all fronts and really well above what you would expect by just reading the ingredient panel.

Lets start with the pumps, well, they are amazing! You really cannot go wrong with a bunch of nitrates in your pre workouts and Mamba is no difference. The pumps are juicy and apparent.

Mamba also delivers a clear sense of urgency with a positive mix of go get them energy, mental clarity and positive motivational energy!

I really enjoyed the stimulant experience with Mamba. It feels healthy but still slaps you into moving and feeling good about it!


  • Smooth, motivational energy
  • Awesome pumps
  • Feel good focus that last for a long time
  • Great flavors


  • None that I can think of

What is in MAMBA Pre Workout?

Mamba is a well balanced pre workout on label. As you’ll see below, the company focused on effective ingredients without trying to do too much.

MAMBA Pre Workout - Ingredient panel

Key Ingredients Breakdown

Caffeine Anhydrous (350mg)

First on the ingredient list is caffeine anhydrous at 475mg. Caffeine is going to provide a boost in energy.

There is also 50mg of Di Caffeine Malate which provides the long lasting energy (Extended Release Caffeine). All together you have 375mg of caffeine here, which though not crazy, will definitely get you going.

Beta Alanine (3.2g)

3.2g Beta Alanine to buffer lactic acid, reducing muscle fatigue & increase overall endurance. It also gives you the tingling feeling throughout your body.

Alpha GPC (500mg)

This is one my favorite forms of Choline, which helps with focus.

Theobromine (100mg)

Then, Theobromine at 100mg is going to increase cardiovascular endurance. Plus improved blood flow that allows you to last longer.

Vincamine (10mg)

This is a new trademarked ingredient designed to help with memory and mental alertness

Nitrates (1.5g)

Nitrates will get you pumped. And these are pumps you will feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take MAMBA?

Take 1 scoop of Mamba 20-30 minutes before you start working out. So the effects start hitting as soon as you start training.

Is it safe to take Mamba Pre Workout?

As long as you are somewhat used to taking pre workout supplements, you should be fine. But in anycase you should consult with your Dr.

Does Mamba Pre Workout have any side effects?

From my experience, none what so ever.

How much caffeine is in Mamba Pre Workout

Mamba comes in strong with a total of 375mg of caffeine!


I fell in love with KLOUT PWE Mamba pre workout. Every time I used this pre workout, I

got the same consistent awesome experience.

That though feels healthy, still got me in the zone and going through my workouts feeling just awesome! And the crazy nitrates induced pumps were a great bonus 🙂

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