KJLabs OXYMELT Fat Burner Review

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Hey everyone, TJ here, your go-to for fitness supplement insights on YouTube & the web! Today, we’re diving into KJLabs’ OXYMELT fat burner. If you remember the buzz my Smash AMF pre workout Review created than you know that you should hold onto your seats because OXYMELT is here to shake things up.

When you take a quick look at the label, you easily understand that these small letters mean business, and that KJLabs are intending for this one to make everyone’s top list for strongest fat burners.

And as you’ll be able to read or watch on YouTube, OXYMELT does not disappoint!

OXYMELT Fat Burner | KJLabs


Not into reading? Watch the full OXYMELT review on YouTube!

What are you hiding!? 🥷 KJLabs OXYMELT Review [The makers of Smash AMF]

First Impressions

The packaging of OXYMELT is straightforward, no-nonsense – it’s what’s inside that counts. KJLabs, known for their bold formulations, doesn’t disappoint with OXYMELT. The ingredient list is extensive, and while we can’t confirm every single element, it’s the experience that speaks volumes.

Ingredients in OXYMELT Fat Burner

I do feel obliged to mention that on first look this ingredient label feels like someone just googled the name of every fat burning ingredient on the planet 🙂 So I would treat anything here with a grain of salt. As I always say in my YouTube reviews – Labels are just Labels!

  1. Anhydrous (Caffeine Anhydrous, presumably) – 150 mg
    • Increases alertness and energy levels.
    • Can boost metabolism.
  2. Green Tea 98% – 100 mg
    • High in antioxidants.
    • May aid in fat burning and improve exercise performance.
  3. Octodrine HCL – 50 mg
    • Known as a stimulant.
    • Can increase energy levels.
  4. Mucuna Pruriens (99.6-L-Dopa) – 50 mg
    • Contains L-Dopa, which can influence mood and energy.
    • May have a role in hormone balance.
  5. B-Phenylethylamine – 50 mg
    • May boost mood and focus.
    • Often used for its stimulant effect.
  6. Alpha GPC – 50 mg
    • Supports cognitive function.
    • May enhance power output in athletes.
  7. Cayenne Pepper 40,000 SCU – 40 mg
    • May boost metabolism.
    • Can aid in digestion and pain relief.
  8. Yohimbe Extract 8% – 25 mg
    • Often used for its potential fat-burning properties.
    • Can stimulate the nervous system.
  9. Higenamine HCL – 25 mg
    • Acts as a stimulant.
    • May have fat-burning properties.
  10. Halostachine HCL – 25 mg
    • Similar to ephedrine in mechanism.
    • Stimulant effects.
  11. Citrus Aurantium Extract – 20 mg
    • Contains synephrine, a stimulant.
    • May aid in appetite suppression and metabolism.
  12. Sulbutiamine – 20 mg
    • A derivative of vitamin B1.
    • May enhance mood and cognitive function.
  13. Vitamin B6 – 10 mg
    • Important for metabolism.
    • Supports brain health.
  14. N-isopropylnorsynephrine – 10 mg
    • A form of synephrine, a stimulant.
    • May aid in fat burning.
  15. Hordenine HCL – 10 mg
    • Stimulant properties.
    • Can enhance energy levels.
  16. N-Coumaroyloctopamine – 10 mg
    • Possible stimulant effects.
    • Limited research available.
  17. N-Caffeoyldopamine – 10 mg
    • May have antioxidant properties.
    • Limited research on its effects.
  18. N- Methyl Tyramine – 10 mg
    • A stimulant.
    • May increase energy and focus.
  19. L-Theanine – 10 mg
    • Promotes relaxation without drowsiness.
    • Can counterbalance jitteriness from stimulants.
  20. Naringenin – 5 mg
    • Antioxidant found in citrus fruits.
    • May have various health benefits.
  21. Octopamine HCL – 5 mg
    • Stimulant effects.
    • Limited research on its efficacy.
  22. Tyramine HCL – 5 mg
    • Can increase blood pressure.
    • Found in many foods and supplements.
  23. Piperine 95% – 5 mg
    • Enhances absorption of nutrients.
    • May have metabolism-boosting properties.
  24. Capsicum Annuum (Capsaicin) – 5 mg
    • May boost metabolism.
    • Can aid in pain relief.
  25. Grape Seed Extract 95% – 5 mg
    • High in antioxidants.
    • May support heart health.
  26. Niacin – 5 mg
    • Vital for energy production.
    • Supports skin and nerve health.
  27. Vitamin ETPGS Powder 10% – 5 mg
    • Antioxidant properties.
    • Supports immune function.
  28. Yohimbine HCL – 2 mg
    • Can aid in fat loss.
    • Stimulates the nervous system.
  29. Alpha Yohimbine HCL – 1 mg
    • Similar to Yohimbine with potentially fewer side effects.
    • Used for fat burning.
  30. 3.5 Diiodo L Thyronine – 200 mcg
    • A thyroid hormone derivative.
    • May influence metabolism.

Dosage and Experience

OXYMELT comes in two-capsule servings, but I recommend starting with one. Even at a single capsule, the energy surge is unmistakable. We’re talking clean, sustained focus for hours. OXYMELT doesn’t have a very intense ‘thermogenesis’ effect, you know where you feel you are just about to burn from the inside. But where OXYMELT really shines is a super impressive appetite suppression – key for any fat burner. And don’t get this wrong the appetite suppression on OXYMELT is top tier. I am talking the type of appetite suppression that feels like there’s something extra!

With two capsules, the experience intensifies. It’s a potent mix that might be overwhelming for some, but for the hardcore enthusiasts, it’s an exhilarating ride. This isn’t just about burning fat; it’s about being in a zone of heightened focus and energy.

I think that most of you are going to find 1 pill as the sweet spot, which means that you get 60 servings of OXYMELT and taking into consideration the long lasting effects, this is a real value for money!

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OXYMELT Fat Burner

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Final Thoughts

KJLabs might be stirring things up in Texas, and OXYMELT is a testament to their daring approach. It’s an experience that goes beyond typical fat burners. Whether you’re looking for that extra edge in your workouts or a powerful focus enhancer, OXYMELT delivers.

Remember, consult with healthcare professionals before trying new supplements. And as always, stay tuned for more honest, no-holds-barred reviews on the latest in fitness supplementation.



  • Clean energy that lasts for hours
  • Intense focus
  • Strong and lost lasting appetite suppression
  • Positive mindset


  • Feels like there’s something ‘extra’ that’s not on label
  • The ingredient panel doesn’t make any sense 🙂

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