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WiLD Pre-Workout Review

What’s going on everyone, TJ fitness Fitness Deal News reviews and together with me today, brace yourselves people for the Juggernaut Nutrition WiLD Pre-Workout review! I know there’s been stories around how strong this thing is and that, it is so effective and it will make you fly. Listen, it DOES! If you are into one hell of an experience, if you want a pre-workout that you know just during your workout gets you going like Ahhhh!!, listen to this one. So I’m gonna take you through the label and then I’m gonna share with you my personal experience. I’m also gonna give you a couple of the caveats I have for this Pre-Workout and right towards the end of the review I’ll give you my final verdict so let’s get right into it. You can also skip reading and watch my full review on YouTube below!

This PRE will make u FLY🚀 | WiLD Pre Workout Review [by Juggernaut]


About the company and product

Okay, so, Juggernaut nutrition, another small company.  They have a couple of products and actually have two pre workouts out. They have iRate and Wild. So I actually have iRate here and I’m gonna try it later on but WiLD is their full-blown, full effect formula. So it’s a pump formula, power formula and obviously stims and focus. Lets get into the full Wild Pre-Workout Review starting with the label.

Label Breakdown

If you look at the label here then it’s not a very long label, it’s not one of these pre workouts that you have 5000 different ingredients in them. Actually, the label is relatively short but the way that they structured this label is super interesting and I do think that at least one of the combination here is the first time I’ve seen in a pre-workout.

Let me take you through this and see what we should care about, but then I’m gonna share with you my personal experience working out with this one. So listen,  as far as pumps you have citrulline malate at six grams so that’s three grams of citrulline and one gram of Agmatine. I like it, listen you know for all the supplement companies out there I do understand that some of the stim junkie or people that like pre-workout I really like go crazy when they see this long-ass label of pump ingredients like you know citrulline, Nitrosigine and VASO 6 and more. Listen if you put citrulline just enough of that, plus you add Agmatine, you’re already good and I get it you can be maybe a bit better but honestly, I do think that’s already on the fringe.  Anyway, I digress! Listen then you have Beta Alaine 2.5 which is lower than the 3.2 you used to see, but I’ll talk about the experience, Creatine HCl 1.5 grams which is okay. I mean that’s not like a fully dose greeting HCL’s, it’s there for power.

Lets talk about energy and focus.S o I’m going to take you through this, 500 milligrams N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine. And then you have only a 100 milligrams of caffeine citrate and 150 milligrams of Caffeine Anhydrous. So that’s not a lot of caffeine but here’s really where it becomes interesting. You have two Amino 5 which is the J Regia type DMHA you know like you’d find two Amino five is what you find in AREZ Titanium. You have only 40 milligrams of that. But then you have 2 amino six which is your OG DMHA at 120 milligrams, altogether 160 milligrams of the combination. These 160 milligrams are not a lot; I mean we’ve seen 200 milligrams of DMHA in a pre-workout quite often. The combination though, really interesting this is the first time I see the combination of the J Regia version and the original DMHA version and together with that you have 40 milligrams of Synephrine which is thermogenic that works beautifully with caffeine. Usually, you see 25/30 milligrams 40 milligrams is definitely on the higher end. Listen, very simple formula –  that’s it. So beyond the combination of the two different types of DMHA, it’s not like there’s anything here that seems innovative –  actually probably the only thing that’s innovative there is the low amount of caffeine here.



Listen let’s talk about the experience because this is what you came here for! You do not take a pre-workout with two different types of DMHA because you care about like the flavor. So the flavor I have is Dweebs. Listen the flavor is awesome you’re gonna like it. The only thing I would say about this thing is that it does clump. You won’t feel it in the mixability itself.


Let’s talk about the experience. Listen, so this thing WiLD is one of these pre-workouts that gets you in the zone and just it’s one of these super feel good, I am the king of the hill, I found myself during the workout just you know sometimes just wanting to like get my headphones deep into my ears and just yell, it is such a good experience. You know I it’s a very similar experience to AREZ with this type of mood elevation, super strong mood elevation, positive mood elevation. This is less about being angry, it’s not angriness it is positive mood elevation. You’re just in the zone really, this is this definitely one of the best experiences I had, when it comes to this DM whatever type of pre-workout it’s right there on par with the best pre workouts out there. How is it different now is it different is it better than kills crew?  It’s probably even better than Arez during the workout to some extent. To some extent you feel that would not move that positive energy, positive intense energies. super, it’s just super.


Final Verdict:

Even though the mood, energy & focus doesn’t last for a long time after the workout, during that one and a half hours, this is definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had.

Where to buy & save money:

As far as where you can buy it, you can buy it on the company’s website and you can save money with the coupon we got for you (link below).


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