Jack3d Pre Workout Review + Best Deal 2022

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Jack3d Pre Workout Review [Updated 2021]

Jack3d Pre Workout is a pre workout supplement from USP Labs that has gained some serious recognition over the years. The formula has changed a couple times, but the company seems to still have maintained their users.

Without further ado, let’s find out if this Jack3d is just as good as the original!

Jack3d Pre Workout

Where to Buy USP Labs Jack3d

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USP Labs Jack3d Pre Workout Review on YouTube

Is the Legend REALLY Back? | USPLabs JACK3D Review (2021 Edition)

My Experience with Jack3d Pre Workout

First off, all of the Jack3d flavors are super solid. More than drinkable which ends it off for the flavor section.

On 2 scoops, this is a great experience. Jack3d really is one of the better all-around pre workouts on the market.

It hits very fast and very strong. Expect the feeling to rush through your body approximately 5 minutes after drinking the pre workout.

Something I love in pre workouts is the Beta Alanine tingling. I got a really nice buzz from USP Labs Jack3d that led to good energy in general (productive energy).

On top of that, there was a great sense of urgency. Nothing overwhelming that will have you over the edge, but just enough to have you motivated.

A rare aspect that Jack3d has is the aggressive mood elevation. It simply makes you want to workout. A powerful feeling with longer endurance.

All of this lasted for hours on hours. And even post-workout, you will still go through the effects of the mood elevation and energy a bit after.

I tried Jack3d with 3 scoops as well but 2 scoops will be the sweet spot for 99% of people.

All in all, Jack3d Pre Workout is a complete package with amazing value for money.


  • Hits Fast and Hard
  • Strong, Long-Lasting Energy
  • Tunnel Vision Focus
  • Nice Flavors
  • Awesome Value-For-Money


  • None that I can think of!
COMPARE PRICES FOR JACK3D Pre Workout 20% OFF – Limited Inventory!

What is in Jack3d Pre Workout?

Although some of the ingredients have been renamed, as far as I can tell, this Jack3d label is essentially the original. In addition to some bonus ingredients like 2-Amino which improves focus and mood elevation.

This is a proprietary label so we do not know the exact dosages of each ingredient.

Jack3d Pre Workout Ingredients

Ingredient Breakdown

Caffeine Anhydrous

We all know this ingredient, more widely known as simply caffeine. This is going to provide the energy in Jack3d. USP Labs actually tells us how much caffeine is in this beast, which is 270 mg on 2 scoops.

Beta Alanine

As I mentioned before, Beta Alanine is going to provide that tingling/buzzy feeling. You either love or hate this one.

Geranium Extract

Then we have GE, which is supposedly the same as DMAA but I don’t really buy it. Geranium Extract is there more for the name.

2-Amino HCL

Also known as DMHA, 2-Amino is going to give you a nice blend o focus, energy, and mood elevation. This ingredient brings everything together.

Creatine Monohydrate

Next we have Creatine which is meant to help with muscle recovery and endurance throughout the workout.

Yohimbe Extract

Lastly, Yohimbe Extract rounds of the supplement facts of Jack3d. This ingredient raises overall intensity of the workout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Jack3d banned?

Like many other pre workouts during its era, the original Jack3d was banned because it included the federally banned ingredient: DMAA. The new formula has DMAA’s legal litttle brother: DMHA. Which hits awesome.

Is Jack3d a good pre workout?

Jack3d is still in amazing pre workout that I would definitely recommend trying out. 

Do they still make Jack3d?

Yes, Jack3d is still being made but with DMHA. You cannot go wrong with this pre workout any day of the week.

COMPARE PRICES FOR JACK3D Pre Workout 20% OFF – Limited Inventory!

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