Iron Obsession OH YEAH Review

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Iron Obsession OH YEAH

Coming from Iron Obsession supplements, the company who brought you the oh-so-loaded pre workout HELL YEA that is well deserving of its place in our Best Hardcore Pre Workout Supplement for 2019, OH YEAH is a stim-free pump formula. I know a lot of you love and care about pumps, and I also know for a fact a lot of the stim-heavy pre workouts out there really lack in their pumps formulas. So for those of you who like and care about the pumps, this is the product to compliment those pre workouts. Let’s start with the Iron Obsession OH YEAH Review.

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Pumps on Pumps! | Iron Obsession OH YEAH Review



Oh yea label

All of the who’s who of the pump ingredients are present in this formula, and are very well-dosed. There are also a couple of endurance and performance type ingredients that are present on this label, so let’s dive in.



L-Citrulline at 4g, Glycerol at 3g, Taurine at 3g and on top of that Citrulline-Malate at 2g. So – seriously dosed on the Citrulline. Coming next is Agmatine at 1g, and so far you can already say this is a super solid pump formula. Accompanied by Beet Root at 1g to help with Nitric Oxide production as well as vascularity and L-Normaline at 250mg which is a hefty dose, it looks pretty promising.



Next are the endurance and performance ingredients, starting with Acetyl-L-Carnitine at 500mg which is an ingredient I absolutely love and is great for muscle power and endurance. Next is coconut water powder which is a great hydration element and I love seeing hydration in this type of product. Hesperidin as a antioxidant type ingredient to prevent inflammations and help you recover, and lastly Huperzine at 300mcg which is A LOT, and is going to help with memory function and focus, but usually combined with other focus ingredients.



Complete pump formula with all the good stuff to make a perfect formula for NO production, vascularity, endurance and muscle volume, along with the hydration, antioxidants and other performance ingredients – it really creates a perfect pump and endurance package which brings it almost to a stim-free preworkout sort of products.



I had the Kiwi & Strawberry and it was great for a pre workout sort of product.

In terms of the experience, as expected from such a loaded pump formula – you shall get pumped! I truly felt the muscle volume and strong pumps, and I also felt recovered from the hydration and other recovery ingredients. In terms of focus, I didn’t really feel it when I took only OH YEAH, but when I complimented it with other pre workouts and especially HELL YEA, it was absolutely awesome. The stim experience with this crazy pumps experience truly provides a legendary stim junkie pumped experience. Combining the two can be expensive, so if you can afford it you will definitely enjoy it.



Combining the two YEAs together will not be cheap, but considering both have 30 servings, I think it is definitely worth it. Make sure to check out all Iron Obsession deals and price comparison before you buy any of these, and always check out other Pre Workout Powder Supplements Deals we have on the site before making any decisions.



Iron Obsession OH YEAH Review

As a stim-free pre workout it is not enough as it is lacking the focus and Beta Alanine part, but as a pump formula it is amazing, and has added benefits of endurance which makes it a great combination of pump formula with Intra workout solution. Combine HELL YEAH and OH YEA and I can guarantee you will be absolutely love it.

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